2018 Award Recipients

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Community Revitalization Awards

The Richardson City Council created the Community Revitalization Awards to recognize property owners who have enhanced the community by making significant exterior improvements to their properties, which have, in turn, had a positive impact on the surrounding area.

Both residential and non-residential projects are eligible for consideration. Over 250 properties have been recognized since the Program’s inception in 1994. Recipients are recognized by the City Council with a reception and award presentation ceremony held in February of each year.

The 2018 Community Revitalization Awards received 25 nominations with three (3) non-residential and fourteen (14) residential projects receiving recognition.

Judging Committee

  • Bob Dubey, City Council member
  • Steve Mitchell, City Council member
  • Randy Roland, City Plan Commissioner
  • Ken Southard, City Plan Commissioner
  • Beth Kolman, Chamber of Commerce

The 2018 Community Revitalization Awards presentation was held during the February 4, 2018, City Council meeting.

BakerTriangle Prefab • 1301 Apollo Road

After purchasing this 1980s tilt-wall building located in the Collins Arapaho Innovation District study area, BakerTriangle Prefab modernized the façade. From the work areas to the office entrance, the improvements include replacing the concrete architectural projections with panels featuring new signage and the painting of non-aggregate areas.

BakerTriangle Prefab - before - 2018 Revitalization Award BakerTriangle Prefab - after - 2018 Revitalization Award

Shaddock Caldwell Builders & Developers • 105 E. Main Street

Originally built in 1909, this downtown building was once the home of the Ritz Theater. After seeing a few name and format changes, the theater closed in 1972 and has been business offices since. The renovation removed the paint from the brick, exposing where the marquee sign was once mounted. A paneled façade and painted brick frames the windows and new door, providing a formal face to the building. The awning creates a pedestrian scale shelter from the elements and the simply lettered business signage is uplit.

Shaddock Caldwell Builders - before - 2018 Revitalization Award Shaddock Caldwell Builders - after - 2018 Revitalization Award

Southwestern National Bank • 500 N. Central Expressway

Southwestern National Bank renovated this industrial building utilizing brick, stone and stucco as façade materials. The addition of new windows and awnings, along with a front accent wall and glass lobby provide a modern appearance to this adaptive re-use.

Southwestern National Bank - before - 2018 Revitalization Award Southwestern National Bank - after - 2018 Revitalization Award

Alter-Meeker Residence • 417 Valley Cove Drive

Built in the 1970s, this Canyon Creek home was updated inside and out. The exterior improvements include painted brick and the addition of wood accents. New windows and doors, along with the removal of shutters, give the exterior a clean modern look. New screening fences and landscaping beds complete the project.

417 Valley Cove Drive - before - 2018 Revitalization Award 417 Valley Cove Drive - after - 2018 Revitalization Award

Barnard Residence • 1307 Lamp Post Lane

The improvements to this 1970s Cottonwood Heights home update the traditional style with a new roof, painted brick and trim, and new windows. A covered porch has been added, sheltering visitors from the elements. The landscaping has been updated while preserving the mature trees that offer a shaded canopy to the yard.

1307 Lamp Post Lane - before - 2018 Revitalization Award 1307 Lamp Post Lane - after - 2018 Revitalization Award

Dreyer Residence • 2402 Fairway Drive

Although initially intending to renovate their 1970s Canyon Creek home, our next award winner became a rebuild on the existing foundation due to engineering concerns. The new home features a painted brick façade, concrete tile roof with standing seam metal porches, and curved upper story windows.

2402 Fairway Drive - before - 2018 Revitalization Award 2402 Fairway Drive - after - 2018 Revitalization Award

Johnson Residence • 406 Dover Drive

Originally built in 1958, this Cottonwood Heights home received a facelift with painted brick and trim and the addition of wood accents, a new modern front and garage door, and a new garage along the alley.

406 Dover Drive - before - 2018 Revitalization Award 406 Dover Drive - after - 2018 Revitalization Award

Lanphier Residence • 903 S. Weatherred Drive

This 1960s home in the Cottonwood Heights neighborhood features painted brick, a modern window arrangement and front door, with stained wood porch columns and rain chains. The xeriscaped front yard features decomposed granite and gravel with steel planter and landscape edging, distinctive native plants and grasses.

903 S Weatherred Drive - before - 2018 Revitalization Award 903 S Weatherred Drive - after - 2018 Revitalization Award

Lowery Residence • 331 Ridge Crest Drive

This Canyon Creek rebuild features a wrap-around porch with a standing seam metal roof. Symmetrical planting beds with grasses and low shrubs flank the concrete block walkway leading to the brick porch and front door.

331 Ridge Crest Drive - before - 2018 Revitalization Award 331 Ridge Crest Drive - after - 2018 Revitalization Award

Orr Residence • 437 Hanbee Street

This rebuild of a new modern home in the Northrich neighborhood features a horseshoe driveway and new landscaping. The home’s windows utilize varying grids of consistently sized panes. The peaks of the staggered roof and front façade articulation provide architectural interest.

437 Hanbee Street - before - 2018 Revitalization Award 437 Hanbee Street - after - 2018 Revitalization Award

Rylander Residence • 637 Tiffany Trail

The facelift to this Richland Park home includes painting of the exterior, with a new front door and windows. Original accent walls by the front door were removed, opening up the porch. The front yard improvements include a new brick entrance walk and landscaping.

637 Tiffany Trail - before - 2018 Revitalization Award 637 Tiffany Trail - after - 2018 Revitalization Award

Shaddock Residence • 909 Creekdale Drive

This Arapaho Heights home built in 1960 underwent a significant addition and remodel, adding a second floor with distinctive dormers. New landscaping grounds the foundation of the home, with established trees providing shade.

909 Creekdale Drive - before - 2018 Revitalization Award 909 Creekdale Drive - after - 2018 Revitalization Award

Teffera Residence • 541 Royal Crest Drive

A late 1950s home in Highland Terrace was replaced with a new home with a brick and stone exterior, which is mirrored in the brick and stone mailbox. New landscape beds add interest and color, while stamped stars accent the new walkway and driveway.

541 Royal Crest Drive before - 2018 Revitalization Award 541 Royal Crest Drive - after - 2018 Revitalization Award

Trahan Residence • 602 Thompson Drive

This 1957 Heights Park neighborhood home was treated to a mid-century-style facelift. Façade improvements include polished yellow pine columns and cladding, a new front door, mailbox, landscape and accent lighting, and hardware. The carport was upgraded utilizing similar materials and the addition of decorative concrete blocks. New landscaping and a decorative water feature complete the project.

602 Thompson Drive - before - 2018 Revitalization Award 602 Thompson Drive - after - 2018 Revitalization Award

Wadsworth Residence • 1522 Englecrest Drive

This home in the Yale Park neighborhood focused on improving their curb appeal and neighborliness by replacing grass, removing a couple existing trees and adding new landscaping. A flagstone border and walkway provide additional hardscape detail with the addition of a bench for sitting.

1522 Englecrest Drive - before - 2018 Revitalization Award 1522 Englecrest Drive - after - 2018 Revitalization Award

Ward Residence • 514 Canyon Creek Drive

A rebuild in the Canyon Creek neighborhood, this new modern home features a standing seam metal porch, dormers and awning. The use of vertical paneling and under eave details adds architectural interest to the design. The new landscaping preserves established trees.

514 Canyon Creek Drive - before - 2018 Revitalization Award 514 Canyon Creek Drive - after - 2018 Revitalization Award

Whitaker Residence • 318 Sutton Place

This Canyon Creek neighborhood rebuild features a modern symmetrical façade with large windows. New landscaping, including the preservation of established trees, and a concrete block walkway round out the design.

318 Sutton Place - before - 2018 Revitalization Award 318 Sutton Place - after - 2018 Revitalization Award