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Main Street Infrastructure

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Main Street Construction
Start: September 2019
End: Late 2020

The vision for the Main Street area is to create a multi-generational eclectic “heart” for the community based on a mix of uses and cultures; to permit a mix of old and new architectural styles; and to provide for additional entertainment-destination opportunities. Part of this vision will be achieved by creating a more walkable and pedestrian-oriented environment through the complete repaving of Main Street from near Sherman Street to just east of Greenville Avenue. Design plans include streetscape enhancements with additional landscaping, decorative lighting, addition of bike racks, placement of picnic tables, increase of on-street parking and directional signage.

Work on this project began Oct. 1, 2019 and is scheduled for completion in late-2020. Improvements include the following:

Sidewalks on Main Street in the downtown area will be widened to create a more pedestrian-friendly environment and allow more space for restaurant seating and activities. The crosswalk distance between Main Street and Greenville Avenue will also be reduced to increase safety for pedestrians crossing the intersection. Additionally, a new pedestrian signal will be installed at Main Street and McKinney Street to provide a dedicated crossing point.

Street Furnishings
New pedestrian lighting, benches, bike racks, trash receptacles and planters should help to provide a more pedestrian-friendly environment. 

Tree Planting and Open Space
To create a harmonious urban environment, a consistent palette of trees will be selected and placed in a manner that allows for them to flourish. Additionally, two new areas of open space at the intersection of Greenville Avenue and Main Street will be referred to as “Two Corners.”

Public Parking
Public parking is important for supporting businesses, residences and other property owners in the downtown area, and helps contribute to the success and vitality of an area by allowing visitors to park once and walk to multiple destinations. On-street parking will be removed on Main Street and relocated to improve traffic flow and increase pedestrian/business activity. New public parking will be added at the northwest corner of Main Street and Greenville Avenue.