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A nuclear or radiological emergency would most likely be the result of an accident. But it’s possible that a hostile country could use a nuclear weapon or a “dirty bomb” could be used by terrorists.

According to the Department of Energy (DOE) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), any foreseeable event at the Comanche Peak Power facility, including a ”melt-down”, would have no impact on the City of Richardson. Only those jurisdictions within a 50 mile radius of the power plant will need to consider specific preparedness actions. Dallas County is located 70 statute miles northeast of the plant and is not considered to be at risk, even in a worst case situation.
Nuclear Plant

Considerations for Radiation

Time- Radioactive materials become less radioactive over time. Minimizing the length of your exposure will minimize your risk.  

Distance- Put as much distance between yourself and the source of the radiation as possible. 

Shielding- Put as much thick material between yourself and the radiation as possible. Try to stay indoors.