Emergency Notification System

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The Community Emergency Notification System allows the City to rapidly notify residents and businesses through calls, texts, and emails and provide vital life safety instructions in a timely manner.


What types of events could the system be activated for?

  • Missing / Abducted Child
  • Missing Elderly
  • VIPS/Fire Corp Activation
  • Chemical Spills / HAZMAT Emergencies / Gas Leaks
  • Evacuation
  • Crime related situation causing an immediate threat to a specific area
  • Public Health Concerns
  • Flooding (excluding flash flooding)
  • Drinking Water Contamination
  • Street Closing due to Emergency Conditions
  • Utility or Water Service Outages 

At this time, the system will not be used for events such as severe thunderstorms or tornado warnings. For severe weather warning, purchase a NOAA All-Hazards Weather Radio to provide dependable indoor warning information to your family.

The system will continue to ONLY be utilized during emergencies. Therefore, the system will call both listed and unlisted telephone numbers within the affected area and deliver the recorded message. If phone lines are busy or the entire recorded message is not heard, the system will attempt to redial those numbers to make contact. If an answering machine picks up the call, the emergency message will be left on the machine. 

Benefits of Signing Up For Emergency Notifications

The system allows you to receive emergency notifications that affect your home. You don't have to purchase any new equipment and you'll only be notified of emergencies that affect the vicinity where your home or business is located.

Privacy Notice and Disclaimer
The City of Richardson will not share or distribute personal information gathered by this form and will use it solely for the purpose of providing emergency notifications within our community. 

TO AVOID AN AUTOMATIC REDIAL, please listen to the entire recorded message, acknowledge the message by pressing one or replying yes to stop the contact cycle. 

When You Receive an Emergency Notification

  • Confirm and acknowledge the message- This lets the system know you received the information and will stop the contact cycle.
  • In emergency situations which warrant a call to notify citizens when a situation has been resolved, the original message will advise citizens that the system will send an all clear call when the situation is resolved and it is safe to return to normal activities.