Make A Plan

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"Winging It" is not an Emergency PlanYou are here where is your family

Having a family emergency plan will ensure that all family members know how to respond during a disaster or emergency even if they are not together.  


  • Add an out-of-town contact and make sure that everyone knows the phone number to call for updates
  • Include a set meeting spot away from the home where the family can meet in case of an emergency
  • Learn about school and work emergency plans and how they may affect your ability to communicate with your family
  • Include children in disaster and emergency planning

If someone in your household has unique needs, it's important to incorporate them into your plans.

  • Keep 7-14 days of medication on hand
  • Keep support items in a designated place
  • Include any caretakers in the planning process
  • Provide the power company with a list of all power-dependent equipment and plan for an alternate power source
  • Keep an emergency food/water supply 

Don't forget about your furry friends! Include your pets in your disaster plans and take them with you when you evacuate. 

Remember: Pets typically aren't allowed in public shelters unless they are service animals, so make a list of friends, boarding facilities and vets that could keep your pets in case of emergency.

Plan for Pets- Dog Small    Plan for Pets- Cat Small BUILD A KIT AND INCLUDE PET SUPPLIES