Fire 1 

The Citizens Fire Academy Alumni Association operates a department rehabilitation unit to assist fire personnel during an emergency or training event.  On scene rehabilitation is important as it ensures our firefighters ability to do their job.

  • Fire 1 is dispatched at the Incident Commander's discretion to Fire Incidents, HazMat Incidents and Technical Rescue Incidents where hazardous conditions and overexertion may be an issue. 
  • Fire 1 provides medical monitoring, food and fluid replenishment, and rest and relief from conditions created by extended emergencies and/or extreme temperatures.
  • Fire 1 is utilized for Public Education purposes during city events.

Fire 1 in Action 3

Fire 1 in Action

How do you become a RFD Fire 1 operator?

Attend the RFD Citizen Fire Academy, CFA. 

Join the RFD Citizen Fire Academy Alumni Association, CFAAA, after completing CFA.

Develop equipment familiarization and an understanding of Rehab Guidelines. 

Drivers are approved by Fire Administration after verification of a valid Texas Driver’s license with an acceptable driving record and the successful completion of RFD’s Fire 1 Driver Training class.