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Engine/Pumper & Quint Companies
With the use of Compressed Air Foam System (CAFS) Pumpers or Engines and Quints, the Department has embraced the most advanced firefighting technologies to date.

Staffed with paramedics, the Engines and Quints are also capable of providing Advanced Life Support (ALS) when dispatched to emergency medical calls. ALS equipment and medications carried on board allow the paramedics to stabilize a sick or injured person until a transport ambulance arrives.
  Photo of RFD Engine 1
Photo of RFD Engine 2
Special Operations Vehicle / Heavy Rescue Squad
The Special Operations team provides the department with a number of response capabilities including Heavy Rescue and Hazardous Materials Response. This unit is staffed with personnel trained, equipped, and experienced in handling a wide variety of rescue situations. The Department’s high angle, trench rescue, and confined space capabilities are incorporated into the Special Operations Team. The Heavy Rescue Vehicle carries all the specialized tools and equipment the Special Operations Team needs.

In addition, the vehicle provides lighting for incidents at night, provides filling of Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) bottles on the scene, and serves as a mobile command unit. The Heavy Rescue Vehicle responds to all structure fires in the city.
  Photo of RFD Special Operations Vehicle
Brush 6
The Brush 6 vehicle is equipped with a skid mount suppression unit and is used for fighting grass fires. It is also used in conjunction with the Special Operations and Decon trailers and used to pull the Life Safety House to public education program locations.
  Photo of RFD Brush 6 vehicle
Mobile Intensive Care Units or Ambulances
Richardson Fire Department provides emergency medical services with paramedics who are able to efficiently and expeditiously treat and transport patients safely to area hospitals for further care. With Mobile Intensive Care Units (MICUs) strategically placed through out the city, citizens can depend on rapid response and excellent care. These ambulances are maintained with the latest medical technologies and Advanced Life Support (ALS) capabilities to provide quality emergency medical services to the citizens of Richardson.
  Photo of a Mobile Intensive Care Unit
Med 1
The EMS Lieutenant's vehicle is a light duty rescue unit which carries extra supplies for the Ambulance. The EMS Lieuenant  responds to cardiac arrest, mass casualty, multi casualty, and a variety of other type of incidents.
  Photo of RFD Med 1
Fire 1 Investigation/Rehab/Education Unit
The Citizens Fire Academy Alumni Association operates a department rehabilitation unit to assist fire personnel during an emergency or training event. This unit provides medical monitoring, food and fluid replenishment, rest and relief from extreme climatic and other environmental conditions of the incident. This unit also transports equipment used by the Fire Marshal’s Office for on scene fire investigations and is utilized for Public Education purposes.
  Photo of Fire 1 Investigation Rehab and Education vehicle
Parade Engine 1
In 1983, the Richardson Fire Department took delivery of this 1982 American LaFrance Century Series Pumper. The Engine remained in active service, mostly at Station 4, until 1998. In 1998, it was moved into a reserve role and then into the designation as Parade 1.

Through the cooperative efforts of the Richardson Fire Department, the Richardson Fire Fighters Association Local 1954, and the Richardson Citizen Fire Academy Alumni Association, several thousand dollars were raised to have the Engine restored to it's original condition. The restored engine is used for funerals and parades.
  Photo of RFD Parade Engine 1