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All documents and forms are subject to revision – download and review the current version prior to each application.

General Information:

  • Fire Code Compliance Checklist [revised 09/24/2019]:
    Lists common Fire Code issues affecting commercial occupancies. Compliance with the items on this list will help the customer prepare for a Certificate of Occupancy, licensing, or other Fire Code inspection. The form does not list all potential violations.
  • Fire Department Fee Schedule:
    Resolution 08-14 establishes fire prevention fees, affecting permits and inspections.
  • Fire Code Amendments:
    Ordinance 4186 amends and adopts the 2015 International Fire Code. This document contains those amendments.

Fire Protection Systems:

Other Systems:  

Other Forms and Information:

  • Signature of Licensed Design Professional Form:
    [Please find this Form on the 2nd page of the Fire Protection System Permit Application Form.]
    Used to comply with signature requirements for plans submitted for review, permit, and record purposes.