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When Richardson Fire Department Paramedics respond to a call and enter the home to find the patient unconscious, precious life-saving minutes can be saved if important medical information is available.

The “File of Life” Program provides citizens with a free life saving program that is a proven means for emergency personnel to quickly access the vital information on members of a household during an emergency. The "File of Life" Program is designed for seniors and individuals with serious medical conditions to provide medical information quickly to emergency personnel. However, it can be used by anyone.

The "File of Life" Program in Richardson is a joint project of the Richardson Fire Department and The Senior’s Net at the NETWORK of Community Ministries. All vital information, medical problems and medications are listed on the information form, as well as other pertinent information. Once an information sheet is completed on each member of the family, you then place it in the file where your name is visible. The file is then placed on the front of your refrigerator. The registration card provided with the "File of Life" kit can be dropped off at any Richardson Fire Station or mailed to the Richardson Fire Marshal Office (136 N. Greenville Ave). 

Paramedics need this important information in order to properly treat the patient. If this information is available immediately upon arrival on the scene, minutes can be saved while treating the patient. Sometimes a patient may be unconscious or unable to talk with the paramedics. The Paramedics can look at the information sheet from the "File of Life" and retrieve the personal data, who to notify in case of emergency, health information, known medication allergies, medications in use, etc.

The "File of Life" kits are FREE and available at any Richardson Fire Station or the Richardson Senior Citizens Center (820 W. Arapaho Rd.). The kit contains one plastic file sleeve, a medical information form, and a registration card.  KEEP ALL information updated regularly. NO medication is to be kept in the file 

If you have any questions, call the Fire Marshal’s Office at 972-744-5750.