Hiring Process

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Application Requirements:

  • Minimum 21 years of age by date of hire
  • High School diploma or G.E.D. 
  • Valid drivers license (with photograph)

Hiring Process:

  1. All applicants will take a written civil service examination.
    (You must present  your valid driver’s license to gain admittance to the test. If your driver’s license does not include a photo, you must bring another government issued photo I.D. to the exam.)
  2. Computer-based job match assessment
  3. Formal Interviews
  4. Successful completion of Drug Screening, Polygraph and Background Screening
    (A thorough background investigation is conducted on all applicants. Any misrepresentation or vital omissions on the application will be grounds for rejection or future dismissal if appointed.)
  5. Pass a Medical Physical Examination


If you are a veteran with at least one year of active duty in any military branch and have an honorable discharge, you are eligible for an additional five points to be added to a passing written exam score. You must bring your DD-214 to the written exam to qualify for the extra points.

Additional Information:

  • Applicants that do not fail any portion of the hiring process will be placed on the hiring eligibility list in order of their written exam score. 
  • Applicants who fail the written examination will be ineligible to retest with RFD for six months. 
  • Failing any phase of the hiring process, following the written exam, will make applicants ineligible to apply with RFD two years from the exam date per civil service rules. However, an applicant is allowed to submit written documentation withdrawing from the process at any point prior to failure of any phase. This will allow the applicant to be eligible for reapplication with RFD after six months from the written exam date.