Physical Performance Assessment

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Un-timed Tasks 
  • Climb an aerial ladder extended to 100 feet at a 70 degree angle. 
  • Crawl a distance of 110 feet through a 36 inch confined space tube.
Aerial Ladder  Confined Space

Timed Tasks

  1. Lift and carry a high-rise hose load, with a nozzle, to the 3rd floor of the drill tower and place it on the floor in the designated location. 
  2. Move to the 3rd floor balcony rail and hoist, in a hand-over-hand manner, a 50 foot section of a 3 inch rolled hose attached to a rope up to the 3rd floor and place it on the balcony floor.
  3. Pick up and carry the high-rise hose load back down to the ground floor, placing it in the designated location.
  4. Move to the Kaiser machine and drive the weight with a sledgehammer the full length of the sled.
  5. Proceed to the hose drag and drag a charged 1 3/4 inch hose line, with a nozzle, a distance of 100 feet. 
  6. Drag a 165 pound rescue dummy a distance of 100 feet.

Note: All evolutions will be done while wearing a fire helmet and a 25 pound weighted vest. T
he timed tasks must be completed within the current Fire Department standard*

 Hose Load Keiser Sled Dummy Drag 


All applicants for Apprentice Fire Fighter positions must successfully complete a physical performance assessment regardless of their age. The City of Richardson has no method to verify the physical condition of any applicant prior to their taking the physical performance assessment.

Applicants with actual or possible conditions of any nature that could be aggravated or which could endanger their health or physical welfare should:

Contact his/her own physician prior to taking the physical performance assessment as to the medical advisability of taking such examination;


Withdraw from completing the physical performance assessment if any health factor could endanger his/her physical condition.

The City of Richardson, its agents, and employees do not assume any responsibility for your health condition or the effects that the physical performance assessment process could have relative to your health condition.