Stormwater Pollution

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12 Steps to Avoid Stormwater Pollution

  1. Turn of sprinklers if rain is expected.
  2. Bag your pets waste.
  3. Don't apply pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides before it rains.
  4. Plant native or drought tolerant plants and grasses that require less water.
  5. Reduce paved areas and increase vegetated area in your yard.
  6. Dispose of oil properly after performing oil changes.
  7. Check your car, boat or motorcycle for leaks.
  8. Don't blow or sweep grass clippings or leaves into the storm drains.
  9. Use a professional car wash facility to clean vehicle that recycles water.
  10. Dispose of paint and other household hazardous waste properly.
  11. Drain your pool into the sanitary sewer system. Pool Information
  12. Throw your litter away in the garbage, not out your window.

Report a Concern
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