Food Service Permit

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Food Service Permit Information

A Food Service Permit is required for all restaurants, grocery stores, cafeterias, bakeries, caterers, food trucks, etc., as well as commercial child care facilities. The appropriate fee must accompany the permit application.  Home food preparation is not allowed except that which falls under the Texas Cottage Food Law.

Guidelines for New or Remodeled Food Establishments (link)

A Food Service Permit is valid for one year and is nontransferable if a change in ownership occurs.

The base fee is based on the square footage of the establishment, an additional fee is required if an establishment as a grease trap.  Other fees may also be incurred if there is a change in ownership, if the permit expires and is renewed late, or if there was a review of plans for a new or remodeled establishment.

Payments & Renewals

All payments must be made either in person at the front desk, via mail/delivery, or using the online payment system for renewals.  New operations and changes in ownership cannot be done online, they must be done in person or via mail/delivery.

To renew using the pdf form, you must include payment (including the late fee if applicable). 

To login and renew online, you'll need a credit/debit card and the following:

  • street number; AND
  • permit number

online application button  Food Service Application PDF

Please call the Health Department during regular business hours at 972-744-4080 if you have any questions or issues with the website.


Square Footage Base Permit Fee
0 - 2,000 sq ft $250.00
2,001 - 7,500 sq ft $350.00
Over 7,500 sq ft  $450.00 
Grease Trap Fee
Establishments with a grease trap must include this fee
Commercial Child Care Facilities $200.00
Registered Family Home  $50.00 

Other Fees

Fee Type Fee
Late Fee
If renewed 30 days past expiration date, must include late fee (other enforcement action may also apply).
Re-inspection Fee
If an establishment is closed by the Health Department, a re-inspection fee is charged for business to reopen.
$50.00 - per occurrence
Plan Review
A one-time plan review fee (in addition to base permit fee) paid at time of Health Permit application.
Change of Ownership
A one-time payment (in addition to the base permit fee) for new ownership. Health Permits are nontransferable.