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Fats, Oil, and Grease

Fats, Oils and Grease, generated from cooking meats such as bacon that hardens after it cools, can cause problems when poured down the drain and clog pipes in your home.

Storm Drain Education

The City of Richardson, as part of a regional effort, is reminding residents not to put anything in the storm drain by attaching drain markers next to storm drain inlets on the streets in your neighborhood.

Water Pollution Prevention

The Health Department can provide educational materials to aid in pollution prevention education. For educational group presentations, please contact the Health Department.

Swimming Pools Drainage

Private swimming pools in need of draining for maintenance or cleaning can be drained to the property or to the storm drain ONLY if there are NO chemicals in the water. Please contact the Health Dept. for guidance. 


Stormwater Management Plan
MS4 Annual Report Form
Stormwater Management Plan, Minimum Control Measures and Best Management Practices