Droids and Druids Book Club

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The Droids and Druids Book Club is the Library's Science Fiction & Fantasy Book Club, 

discussing a different theme each month.  

2nd THURSDAY of each month
7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
2nd Floor Conference Room 

Register by calling 972-744-4350, or email Kayla at Kayla.Hollis@cor.gov
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 2020 Themes

JAN 9Short Stories Take a break from those long, epic fantasy series
and dense sci-fi novels by diving into shorter pieces of speculative fiction.

FEB 13Psience Fiction – Summon into your hand a book
about psionic powers – telepathy, clairvoyance, or other powers of the mind. 

MAR 12***:   Dragons – Join heroes as they hunt or befriend these glorious
mythical beasts, or get to know the dragons as characters themselves.


APR 9*** - Military Might – Follow these special forces as they utilize advanced 
weaponry and technology or magical skills on a variety of battlefields. - CANCELED

MAY 14Nebula Award Winners – Pick up a title honored by this prestigious award
given to works of science fiction and fantasy; choose from any year (starting in 1965
up to the present) and from any category (novel, novella, short story, etc.). - CANCELED

JUN 11Afrofuturism/Africanfuturism – Futuristic narratives that focus on African
and African diasporic peoples and culture.
WEBEX MEETING -  email KAYLA HOLLIS for details:  kayla.hollis@cor.gov 

JUL 9:  Virtual Reality – Escape the real world twice over by entering the digital sphere
within a fictional universe.

AUG 13:  Laugh Out Loud – Let’s lighten things up with witty characters, wacky situations,
or clever satire.

SEP 10Nonhuman Narrators – Explore stories through the eyes of other species
or entities such as aliens, robots, animals, or mythical creatures.

OCT 8Dark Lords – Powerful villains, and often their henchmen, provide the central
conflict in these stories; find out if the evil one prevails and if they were even that bad
to begin with.

NOV 12Mysterious Objects – Talismans, meta-magical books,
“Big Dumb Objects” – read stories where the plot is driven by an item that may
save the world, open new dimensions, imbue special powers, or…
maybe even do nothing at all.  

DEC 10Childhood Favorites – Revisit the wonder of your youth
by rereading a beloved title, grabbing something you missed when you were a kid,
and/or even exploring newer releases for juvenile audiences.

         *** March & April:  call or email Stephen