Droids and Druids Book Club

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A Book Club for Science Fiction and Fantasy Readers

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The Droids and Druids Book Club is the Library's NEW Science Fiction & Fantasy Book Club,
discussing a different theme each month.  

2nd THURSDAY of each month
7:30p to 8:45p
2nd Floor Conference Room 

Register by calling 972-744-4350, or email Kayla at Kayla.Hollis@cor.gov

 2019 Themes

JAN 10Alien Encounters - Humans and aliens interacting,
   here on Earth or out in the 'verse 

FEB 14Fairy Tale Twists - Modern retellings and stories inspired
   by classic tales

MAR 14Graphic Novels - SciFi / Fantasy stories in graphic novel, comic,
   or manga format

APR 11Sibling Relationships / Rivalries - Sci Fi / Fantasy stories featuring
   any number of siblings competing or working together

MAY 9Steampunk - Science Fiction with an alternate history flavor--titles
   incorporating Victorian-era style and technologies

JUN 13Shapeshifters - Werewolves, of course,
   but also selkies, dragons, skinwalkers, and more

JUL 11:  Epidemics - For known or unknown reasons, SOMETHING is
     spreading beyond control

:  Books Inspired by East Asia - Speculative fiction influenced  
   by East Asian cultures, societies, etc., and/or written by an East Asian author

SEP 12Pick Your Portal - Open the door to a world or time 
   removed from our own, or possibly hidden among us

OCT 10For the Love of Lovecraft - Ponder the horrors of the unknown 
   during the most delightfully creepy time of the year

NOV 14Playing God - A taste of power or knowledge makes the bearer 
   push boundaries that perhaps shouldn't be pushed

DEC 12Magic Systems - Explore the idea of soft magic versus hard magic 
    because, even in fantasy, rules often apply