Driving Safety Course

If you are charged with a driving offense, you may be eligible to take an approved driving safety course. If approved, the citation will be dismissed upon satisfactory completion of all conditions imposed.

Do not take a driving safety course without first obtaining permission from the court.

To Be Eligible
you must:

  • Submit an Application for Driving Safety on or before the appearance date on your citation in person, in writing, or by submitting the Online Application.
  • Enter a plea of No Contest or Guilty
  • Have a valid Texas Driver's license or permit
  • Have proof of financial responsibility (insurance)
  • Not have taken a driving safety course for ticket dismissal within the past 12 months prior to the date of your citation.
  • Pay $109 ($134 for school zone offenses), which includes state court costs and administrative fees (for an offense committed before September 1, 2019; or
  • Pay $129, ($154 for school zone offense), for an offense committed on or after September 1, 2019. (Payment must be made by the due date on the documentation mailed to you via United States Postal Service.)

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