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 eDocket Appearance

The Richardson Municipal Court now offers eDocket Appearance, which allows defendants to dispose of cases (see Requirements below) via a video conference with the Judge through the use of ZOOM (see link below) on either your computer or wireless device.

If you already have a scheduled Docket Court Appearance Date AND Time to appear before the Judge, you are still REQUIRED to appear, so click the link below and, if prompted, type in the Meeting ID Number at your assigned date/time. If you have been assigned a specific date/time to appear via eDocket and will NOT be able to appear as directed, you MUST CONTACT THE COURT BEFORE YOUR SCHEDULED COURT DATE to discuss options and/or request a reset.

If you have NOT been assigned a specific court docket date and time to appear, you may appear without an appointment ("Off Docket") on Mondays and Tuesday at 10:00 amPLEASE have your citation number or cause number available and click the link below on the date and time noted below for "OFF DOCKET".

You must have a webcam/built-in camera with sound and video on your device to appear by eDocket.  You must install the ZOOM APP on your device before the video conference begins if you do not already have the app.

 Virtual Courtrooms are the same as Actual Courtrooms.

All of the same rules and procedures apply.
       Today's Meeting ID: 927 1729 0255

IMMEDIATELY AFTER you appear virtually with the Judge, you MUST call the Court Clerk at 972-744-4500 to finalize the action(s) taken by the Judge on your case(s). Failure to do so will result in a "Failure to Appear" and issuance of a Warrant for your Arrest.

eDocket Days/Times [excluding holidays] schedule is subject to change

  • Monday, July 27 (8:00 am - 11:00 am) ("Off Dockets" at 10:00 am)
  • Tuesday, July 28 (8:00 am - 11:00 am) ("Off Dockets" at 10:00 am)
  • Wednesday, July 29 (8:00 am - 11:00 am)
  • Thursday, July 30 (8:00 am - 11:00 am)

Please adhere to the following Rules of Court Conduct and Decorum:

Failure to follow these guidelines will prompt the Court Bailiff to remove the Defendant from the virtual courtroom until compliance is achieved.

  • Proper clothing strictly enforced. Inappropriate attire will not be permitted. Dress code is the same as if you were appearing in-person in the courthouse/courtroom.
  • Avoid background noise – Ensure your environment is conducive to attend virtually.
  • Avoid distractions - Turn off and put away any and all distractions so your full attention is given to the proceedings. DO NOT DRIVE, SMOKE, CHEW GUM, OR EAT while attending eDockets.  Avoid excessive movement (i.e. stay seated/stationary) while attending eDockets.
  • Do NOT record these proceedings.
  • Proper respect for the Court process shall be adhered to at all times.

Requirements to Appear via eDocket, you MUST have:

  • A device capable of accessing an internet connection (PC, MAC, Smart Phone, Tablet, etc.).
  • A fast and stable internet connection.
  • A webcam attached to your PC or a built-in camera on your device that will allow the Judge to see you during the video conference.
  • A microphone connected or built-in mic that will allow you to talk to the Judge and your device must also have speakers attached or built-in that will allow you to hear what the judge is saying to you.
  • A working email address; you may need to email images or documents for the Judge's review.
  • You will be required to provide the Court with a working email address and mobile phone number to ensure future successful contact with the Court.

At your eDocket Appearance, you can:

  • Enter a Plea of NOT GUILTY and request a trial by judge or jury. You will be able to speak with the Prosecutor. Please note: TRIALS WILL NOT BE  HELD VIRTUALLY and will require the Defendant to appear IN PERSON at the Richardson Municipal Court located at 2100 E Campbell Rd, Richardson, Texas 75081 for trial.
  • Enter a plea of GUILTY or NO CONTEST. Defendants who plead guilty or no contest via the eDocket Appearance have the same opportunities for payment plans, compliance dismissals, driver safety course, or deferred disposition.
  • Request an EXTENSION of the due dates established by a previous judgment and/or payment plan. You will need to be prepared to provide the extenuating circumstances as to why an extension is needed.
  • Seek resolution of outstanding Richardson WARRANT(S) via the establishment of a payment plan.

 Payment Requirements: 

  • If Deferred Disposition or Driver's Safety Course is ordered, you will be required to pay the applicable fee(s) immediately after your eDocket Appearance by calling the Court Clerk’s Office at 972-744-4500, unless otherwise ordered by the Judge.
  • If a Payment Plan is ordered, you will be required to make a partial payment on the total amount that you owe immediately after your eDocket Appearance by calling the Court Clerk’s Office at 972-744-4500. The Judge may consider your financial situation and prior payment history when considering additional time / amounts required to be paid. 
  • If an Extension to Pay your judgement is ordered, you will be required to provide documentation regarding your financial situation. Depending on the circumstances, the Judge may order an alternative means for discharging the judgment. Immediately after your eDocket Appearance call the Court Clerk’s Office at 972-744-4500 for further instructions.

PLEASE NOTE: While the Court will make every effort to dispose of your case(s) via eDocket, unfortunately, that may not be possible in all circumstances. 


Click HERE for the Prosecutor Link ONLY if directed to do so by the Judge during your eDocket Appearance; you will not receive help otherwise. (This is NOT for Attorney Use.) 


No Video Device? or Having Audio Issues? Instructions for Connecting by Phone: 

If you are at the Court building, come inside and a Clerk will assist you.  If you are not at the Court Building, call the Court at 972-744-4500 for further instructions.

If you are already in the Zoom eDocket and experiencing audio issues, please call 1-346-248-7799, follow the prompts, and enter the Meeting ID # listed above as instructed by Court Personnel.