You Received a Citation. What can you do?

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  1.  Appear In Court By The Date On Your Citation.
  2. Enter a Plea: 
    1. Not Guilty 
    2. Guilty 
    3. No Contest 
  3. After the Plea:
    1. Pay The Fine 
    2. Deferred Disposition (Deferred Adjudication) 
    3. Driving Safety Course
Juveniles, which are individuals under the age of 17, must appear in court with a parent or guardian and set a court date. Minors, which are individuals between the ages of 17 and 20, who have been charged with an alcohol or tobacco related offense must appear in court and set a court date.

If you received a citation for No Insurance (Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility), or for Expired Violations (expired drivers license or expired registration), you may be eligible for dismissal if you meet certain requirements.