Matching Fund Beautification

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MFB Median
Since 1972, the Matching Fund Beautification Program has raised property values, enhanced the City of Richardson’s image, and has become a source of community pride. Since the program’s inception, over 400 medians and parkways in the City of Richardson have been professionally landscaped and maintained through the Matching Fund Beautification Program.


The program is available to citizens, businesses, or civic groups interested in beautifying public land in their neighborhoods. These groups share the cost of construction 50/50 with the City of Richardson.

After completion of the project, the City of Richardson assumes maintenance of the area in perpetuity. Projects are designed by City of Richardson staff and consultants. Applicants’ wishes and requests are incorporated into the design resulting in the final product. Plant material to be incorporated into the design must be selected from the City of Richardson’s approved plants list. These plants are primarily North Texas native plants, and have proven to do well in the varying and extreme environments where these landscape projects will be located.

To ensure the success of these projects, projects may be delayed in the event of watering restrictions that may result in difficulty establishing plant material.

Matching Fund Beautification Time Line and Process


 MFB Timeline


Program Submittals
Please click on the link to access the application and project description form.
(Both due to Parks Department no later than March 1).

Click on this link to access the project commitment form.
(Due to Parks Department no later than June 1).

Click on this link to access the City of Richardson’s approved plant list.

  Contact Information
All questions regarding the Matching Fund Beautification program can be submitted to:

Shohn Rodgers
Superintendent of Parks
Phone: 972-744-4306