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Each year, more than 100 acres of wildflower seeds are planted throughout various neighborhood parks, medians and City Hall by the Parks & Recreation Department. The tradition began in 1990 with a trial planting on Campbell Ridge Park and by 1993, wildflowers were in most parks and on several medians. This tradition also resulted in the creation of another in Richardson; the Wildflower! Arts & Music Festival which was held in 1993 at Breckinridge Park celebrating the wildflowers.

The seeds takes place in October-November and is a variety of wildflower seeds, selected for overlapping blooming cycles, good show and hardiness we call the signature "Richardson Mix". 

Today, the wildflowers serve not only to help beautify the city but also as a great photo opportunity for you and your family. But don't forget, per City Ordinance 3235-A, please do not pick or damage the wildflowers!

Operation Bloom Town

Residents, Homeowner Associations and businesses can help "paint the landscape". Identify an area that could use some color, and the Parks Department will order the seeds and do the planting, charging only the wholesale cost for both the seeds and labor. An exact cost will be determined but it's roughly $100 per 1/10 acre.

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For more information
Please contact Shohn Rodgers, Superintendent of Parks at 972-744-4306.