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Photography Guidelines for Richardson Parks

image of a photographer taking a pictureThe City of Richardson has launched a new "Picture Perfect" informational campaign to help alleviate sporadic incidents of photographers monopolizing public areas in local parks.

Many of our parks offer picturesque views and a number of good backdrops for photographs and videos, which is why local parks are popular locations for amateur, professional, and commercial photographers and videographers as well as sites for photographs of school events or sports teams.

While normally not an issue, there are times of year when a substantial number of photographers have dominated popular park features like bridges and waterfalls, causing safety concerns and blocking these amenities from public access. Some also bring large props (such as sofas and chairs) for photo sessions and trash or other items are being left behind afterwards.

We ask anyone that is visiting the park to take photos or videos (professional or amateur), to please help us maintain a positive park experience for everyone as well as the integrity of our parks by
following these guidelines:

  • Only one photographer at a time may occupy a park feature, such as a waterfall, bridge or well.
  • Conduct the photo session in a timely manner.
  • Pedestrian access cannot be blocked at any time on a trail, bridge or sidewalk.
  • Practice safety at all times and avoid activities that could be risky or dangerous to you, the subject being photographed or others.
  • Refrain from bringing in large props that could damage park resources, including wildflower beds.
  • There is no exclusive or guaranteed use of space. Photographers may not prevent others from
    entering an area.
  • Do not attach anything to any structure or landscape or rearrange any feature of the park.
  • Do not disturb or engage in conduct that will damage the park's natural resources including plants or wildlife.
  • Any items brought in for a photography session must be completely removed. Leave the area as, or better than, it was found.

Image of the waterfall at Prairie Creek Park