Presenting Your Photograph For Judging

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Ballerina in Black
Photo by Hector Reyes (Adult) People B&W -
Ballerina in Black
Photo by Bill Vansco (Pro) Still Life -

Entry Criteria:

  • Photographs must be mounted on 16” X 20” WHITE foam core board. The 1/8" or 3/16" thickness works best, and is available at most local craft stores. This allows winning photographs to hang in the library more easily.
  • A current entry form must be attached to the BACK UPPER LEFT HAND CORNER of each photograph. This positioning will aid the judges in knowing the direction your image should be viewed!
  • In addition to your printed photo entries, email the digital image(s) in JPEG form (5MB total and no zip files) to Please label each photo as: last name, first name, division, category & title for each image.
  • Please PRINT your information VERY CLEARLY. We CAN NOT spell your name correctly if we cannot read it!
  • For multiple entries, place one entry form on each photograph.
  • No mattes or frames.
  • No visible photographer’s signatures, copyrights, titles, dates or writing on the front of the photo or mounting board.
  • Please remove all glass, plastic or paper coverings and take them with you. We are unable to keep coverings and images together.
  • Click here to download the official Entry Form.

Entry Limits:

  • 2 color photos per each category 
  • 2 black & white photos per each category - unless we have a minimum of 8 black & white entries per category, monochromatic entries will be combined and judged with the color entries.

Unless you are entering in the Experimental/Enhanced Category, photos must be a single image.

Print Size:

  • Minimum photo size is 48 square inches.
    Example sizes: 4”x 12”, 3”x 16”, 6”x 8”, etc. mounted on 16” x 20” foam core.
  • Maximum photo size is 16” x 20” mounted on 16”x20” foam core.
 Pink Lady
Photo by Robert Jackson (Adult) Small World -
Pink Lady and the Visitor

Old Rock ChurchPhoto by Rajesh Jyothiswaran (Pro) Anything Goes - 

Old Rock Church