Week 1: The Magic of Camp
June 8-12

Come with us to discover the magic of camp.

Field Trips: Altitude Trampoline Park; Nickelrama

Week 2: Wave Your Magic Wand
June 15-19

We are waving our wands of creativity to make magical loads of fun.

Field Trips: Surf and Swim; Celebration Station

Week 3: Hocus Pocus
June 22-26

Bring your imagination to life with two simple words: Hocus Pocus.

Field Trips: KidZania Dallas; Pump it Up

Week 4: Abracadabra!
June 29 - July 3

3 wishes only. Abracadabra!

Field Trips: Crayola Experience; Hawaiian Falls

Week 5: Meeska, Mooska
 July 6-10

Mousekatools has the potion for unwavering camp fun. Come take a sip.

Field Trips: Children's Health StarCenter; Nickelrama

Week 6: Open Says Me
July 13-17

The box of camp magic is waiting to be opened. Say the magic words: "Open Says Me"

Field Trips: The Battlefield; Moviehouse & Eatery

Week 7: Under Camp Spell
July 20-24

Is your head swirling with magical and whimsical excitement - you're under the camp spell. Enjoy it!

Field Trips: Urban Air; Surf and Swim

Week 8: Petrificus Totalus
July 27- 31

Yep, that's right - Fortnite. We end camp with the game of the century. Be sure to stack you Heals and get ready for a battle royale.

Field Trips: Main Event; AMC Stonebriar

* Please note all activities & trips are subject to change without notice.