Frequently Asked Questions

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Summer 2018

The City of Richardson Sizzlin' Summer Day Camps operate under the philosophy of creating a memorable summer for every camper who comes through our program! We want children to enjoy, to laugh, to share, to experience, to create, to grow, to be challenged and to be inspired! We want each and every camper to take this experience, this memory into their future!! For more detailed information on our summer camp programs feel free to stop by either Heights or Huffhines Recreation Center and pick up a copy of our Parent's Guide. This handbook includes our policies and procedures, general rules, contact information and so much more!

What is your refund policy?
A refund request form MUST be submitted to the Recreation Center within 7 days prior to the first day of a camp session. Refunds will not be granted due to the following reasons: weather conditions, summer heat, sunburn, a camper's behavior, absence from camp, camp assignments, or after the camp session or season. Parents are responsible for making sure children are registered in the correct camp program or session. If an error is found after registration, please call and have it corrected prior to the camp season. Refunds will not be granted after the camp season has ended.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for refund by mail, if payment was made by check or cash.

1. What is the difference between Elementary Camp and Playground Camp?
Elementary Camp is an indoor specialized camp where as Playground Camp meets out at a park and is outside a little more than Elementary Camp. Elementary Camp also travels on two field trips per week, while Playground Camp goes on one. The biggest contributing factor to the price difference comes from the facility cost and air conditioning associated with Elementary Camp.

2. My child is 6 1/2 years old, can I enroll him in one of the all day camps even though the age for those camps is 7?
We do not allow any children under the age of 7 to be registered into Elementary Camp. We do, however, make exceptions for Playground Camp if the camper has been unsuccessful in the younger camp.

3. Can I reserve a spot for my child/children for camp now and pay at a later time?
Enrollment into program requires immediate payment.

4. Is there a discount for families with multiple children?
Unfortunately, no. It's still the same rate for every child.

4. How often do the camps go swimming?
Elementary and Playground Camps go daily, however there is one day during the week in which the pool they swim at is closed for maintenance. Teen Camp doesn’t swim quite as regularly and Kinder will sometimes travel to one of the splash pads on Fridays.

5. Do I need to send extra money for field trips?
The admission fee is covered by the camp. If your child wants souvenirs, snacks, drinks or anything additional, he or she will need to use his or her own money.

6. What are the qualifications of your staff members?
All staff members must be at least 16 years of age, CPR and First-aid certified, and possess a valid Texas driver’s license. All directors must be at least 21 years of age with a minimum of three years experience working directly with children.

7. What should my children wear?
Shorts and a T-shirt are fine. We ask that sneakers be worn every day, except when swimming.

8. My child takes medication - will your staff dispense the medication?
Medication will only be administered with written parental consent. All medications must be left with staff in the original container, labeled with the child’s name, date, directions & physician’s name.

9. What kind of buses do you use and who drives?
We contract with RISD and use their buses. The drivers are also RISD employees who are licensed to operate the buses.

10. Do the buses have seat belts?
No they do not. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration establishes standards for equipment safety and does not recommend seat belts on school buses based on their ongoing safety testing. Instead, they have determined that using compartmentalization in the design of school buses is more effective in reducing the risk of injury.

11. For Playground Camp what do you if it rains?
All campers will be taken inside to Heights Recreation Center and resume fun activities.

12. Is my child allowed to attend camp even though he/she has special needs?
Yes! We welcome all children to come and experience camp and we try and make it as successful as we can for them. However, we feel that parents need to be made aware that our staff-to-child ratio is 1:10. So any child (special needs or not) who will require more one-on-one attention will make it difficult to be successful in this particular camp. We have to maintain our staff ratio, and constant one-on-one attention will pull us out of ratio and make it unsafe for the rest of the campers. If you are planning to send a child with special needs, we ask that you inform the Day Camp Coordinator of your registration, and provide any tips/strategies that we may implement to help make your child's experience not only a fun one but also a successful summer as well.