Week 1: Waka, Waka, Waka
June 10-14

We begin our gaming journey in the arcade with the yellow, pellet eating big mouth...Pacman. Let's have fun doing whatever we can Pacman style.

Field Trip: Bahama Beach

Week 2: It's on like Donkey Kong
June 17-21

Our journey continues with us grabbing bananas, hopping over barrels, and knocking out the meanest gorilla in the arcade - Donkey Kong.

Field Trip: Ft. Worth Zoo

Week 3: A Toadally Magical Quest
June 24-28

Super Mario and his brother Luigi have humble beginnings in dodging Donkey Kong to mic droppin' stardom to destroying King Koopa. Mario and Luigi, this week's for YOU - PAISANOS!

Field Trip: Free Play Arcade

Week 4: I Choose You
July 1-5

Time to pick your Pokémon for a week of monstrous fun. We'll set aside time to make trades and do battles between Pokémon.

Field Trip: Aloha Roller Palace

No camp Thursday, July 4th and Friday, July 5 ;-)

Week 5: Tournament of Champions
 July 8-12

Be with us as we challenge Elementary Camp to see who competes with City of Allen's Camp STAR in our annual Day Camp Challenge.

Field Trip: Jumpstreet

Week 6: A Wumpa Islands Bandit
July 15-19

A popular PlayStation game, Crash Bandicoot entertains gamers of all ages. Journey with Crash for an N. Sane week of games and excitement with our favorite marsupial bandit.

Field Trip: Celebration Station

Week 7: Mine Your Craft
July 22-26

Do you like Minecraft? Of course, you do. Bring your Minecraft ideas of fun to enjoy a week of cubed activities.

Field Trip: Nickelmania

Week 8: Do you have any Heals?
July 29-Aug. 2

Yep, that's right - Fortnite. Stack your Heals and get ready for a battle royal of medieval proportions.

Field Trip: Crayola Experience

Week 9: Candylicious
Aug. 5-9

Have a "Divine" time with us this week, and enjoy sugar infused activities in celebration of the sweetest game - Candy Crush.

Field Trip: Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Garden

* Please note all activities & trips are subject to change without notice.