Week 1: The Magic of Camp
June 8—12

Come to discover the magic of camp.

Field Trip: Celebration Station

Week 2: Wave Your Magic Wand
June 15—19

With a gentle wave of the wand, we’re creating fun of magical proportions

Field Trip: Surf and Swim

Week 3: Under Camp Spell
June 22—26

The magical and whimsical flurries of good fun swirling around in your head is the camp spell we casted. Enjoy it!

Field Trip: Crayola Experience

Week 4: Hocus Pocus
June 29—July 3

Bring your imagination to life with two simple words: Hocus Pocus.

Field Trip: The Battlefield

Week 5: Works Like Magic
July 6—10

Use your newfound powers to conjure up some whimsical and magical camp fun.

Field Trip: Nickelrama

Week 6: Abracadabra
July 13—17

3 wishes only. Abracadabra!

Field Trip: AMC Firewheel

Week 7: Bippiti Boppiti Boo
July 20—24

The camp faery godmother invites us to journey with her in the enchanted realm of fun.

Field Trip: KidMania

Week 8: Open Says Me
July 27—31

An invisible door leading to a world of camp fun is waiting to be entered: “Open Says Me”.

Field Trip: Children’s Health StarCenter

Week 9: Petrificus Totalus
August 3—7

Stop time to keep camp going with these words: Petrificus Totalus.

Field Trip: Klyde Warren Park

* Please note all activities & trips are subject to change without notice.