Standards of Care

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The City of Richardson is not regulated by any licensing agency because it is a municipality.  We do, however, have to complete a number of requirements in order to have that licensing waived.  We try whenever possible to meet all the regulations that the state has set up.  Standards of Care provided below which explain all the rules and regulations. 

One regulation is that we can only serve children ages 5 and older under this policy.  Absolutely no exceptions can or will be made to this policy.  If a child’s age is questionable, a birth certificate is required to verify the correct age.



Purpose:  To provide basic childcare regulations for recreation activities operated by the Richardson Parks and Recreation Department.  This will allow the department to qualify as exempt from requirements of the Texas Human Resources Code.

Implementation:  Program will be the responsibility of the Parks & Recreation Department, with a Heights Recreation Coordinator supervising the overall program and Day Camp Directors and Leaders administering the program on-site.

Programs: Regulations apply to five (4) on-going programs:

            Kinder Camp for ages 5-6

            Elementary Camp for ages 7-11

            Playground Camp for ages 7-11

            Teen Camp for ages 12-15                        

Each site will make available for the public and staff a current copy of the Standards of Care.  Parents of participants will be provided a copy of Standards of Care during the registration process.

Program Sites

  • Heights Playground: 711 W. Arapaho Rd.
  • Terrace Elementary 300 N. Dorothy Dr.           

*RISD reserves the right to select an alternative site in case of summer repairs or maintenance requirements.

Day Camp Objectives

  • offer a program wide in scope and varied in activities of different recreational activities: sports, games, arts and crafts, education, drama, special events, field trips, tournaments, etc.
  • provide a pleasant and memorable experience in a loving atmosphere.
  • provide a safe environment always promoting good health and welfare for all.
  • teach children how to spend their leisure time wisely, in an effort to meet several needs: emotional, physical and social.

Exemption Status: Once an exempt status is established, the Licensing Division will not monitor the recreational program.  The Licensing Division will be responsible for investigating complaints of unlicensed childcare and for referring other complaints to the municipal authorities or, in the case of abuse/neglect allegation, to the local police authorities.

Standards of Care Review: Standards will be reviewed annually and approved by the City Council after a public hearing is held to pass an ordinance regarding section 42.041(b)(14) of the Human Resources Code.

Child Care Licensing will not regulate these programs nor be involved in any complaint investigation related to the program.

Any parent, visitor or staff may register a complaint by calling Heights Recreation Center at 972-744-7850 during the hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Monday through Friday.



Day Camp Director-Job Descriptions and Essential Job Functions

Essential Job Functions

  • Assists in the planning, budget reporting, scheduling and implementation of the day camp program.
  • Supervise summer staff that includes Day Camp Leaders and Leaders in Training.
  • Implements lesson plans as needed and assist day camp staff with keeping activities on schedule.
  • Plans and leads activities such as sports, games, arts and crafts, music and field trips.
  • Prepares payroll and maintain budget information.
  • Keeps attendance records and camper information forms.
  • Communicates courteously and effectively with the other city employees, citizens and program patrons.
  • Implements appropriate discipline procedures when necessary.
  • Attends mandatory staff training session and conduct staff meetings as required.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Be mature, responsible and able to complete duties with minimal supervision.
  • Ability to communicate well with the public, and skilled at interacting with children.
  • Skilled in supervising children of varying age levels in a group setting.
  • Be First Aid and CPR certification before camp begins.
  • Have a valid Texas Class C Driver’s License.
  • Complete departmental day camp staff training.
  • Previous experience supervising children in a day camp setting.
  • Be experienced in supervising staff.
  • Have strong organizational skills and have the ability to adapt easily to change.
  • Must pass city criminal background check prior to hiring.


Day Camp Counselor-Job Descriptions and Essential Job Functions
Essential Job Functions:
  • Supervises programs and activities of the program during all scheduled hours
  • Maintains supply inventory.
  • Effectively follows lesson plans and instructions from Director.
  • Completes incident and accident reports effectively relating to participating patrons.
  • Communicates courteously and effectively with the other city employees, citizens and program patrons.
  • Attends mandatory staff training session and conduct staff meetings as required.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Be mature, responsible and able to complete duties with minimal supervision.
  • Ability to communicate well with the public, and skilled at interacting with children.
  • Must have experience working with children and the ability to cope with large groups of children and high noise levels.
  • be First Aid and CPR certified before camp begins
  • At least 16 years of age at the time of application.
  • Complete departmental day camp staff training.
  • Pass city criminal background check prior to hiring.
  • Have knowledge or skills in recreational games, sports, crafts and other activities
Other Requirements

Staff must complete the mandatory training program of at least 25 hours, in addition to planning hours with site staff prior to the start of camp.  This training includes a departmental orientation, customer service, behavioral issues and discipline, as well as practical skills on activities for children in games, songs and crafts.

Staff must exhibit competency, good judgment and self-control throughout the duration of the camp.

Staff should relate to the children with courtesy, respect, acceptance and patience.

Staff shall not abuse or neglect children.

Criminal background checks will be conducted on prospective day camp employees. Also, potential employees will be subject to a drug test prior to hiring.    
Staffing Ratios: The staff ratio will be 1 staff member per 10 children, ages 5-13 while on site and 1 staff member per 6 children off site.



Emergency evacuation and relocation plans are posted at each facility.

Day Camp Directors and Leaders are responsible for inspecting the camp sites frequently for any sanitation or safety concerns.  Those concerns should be passed on to the Day Camp Coordinator.

Each camp will have a first aid kit.  It will be checked and stocked on a weekly basis by the on site Camp Directors.  First aid kits to include at the minimum: bandages, first aid cream, rubber gloves, Neosporin, alcohol wipes, hot/cold packs, gauze, tweezers, ace bandages and scissors.

In a situation where evacuation is necessary, the first priority of staff is to make sure all participants are in a safe location.

Program sites are inspected annually by the Fire Marshall.  Each Facility Manager is responsible for compliance with Fire Marshall’s directives.

The recommended number of fire extinguishers is inspected prior to camp and indicate that they are properly charged.

Medication is only administered with written parental consent.  Prescription medications are to be left with staff in their original container, labeled with the child’s name, date, directions and physician’s name.  Medication is dispensed only as stated on the bottle, and not past the expiration date.

Non-prescription medicine with the child’s name and date on the medication may be brought if in the original container. Non-prescription medication will only be administered with written parental consent. 

Each indoor site shall have adequate indoor toilets and lavatories located such that children can use them independently and program staff can supervise as needed.  Outdoor sites shall provide portable toilets based on number of children attending each day.  Ratio of toilet to children will be 1:17.

All participants must wear appropriate footwear daily.  Sandals and flip-flops will be allowed only in the pool area.



This information will be provided to each staff as a part of the day camp manual:

Camp staff shirts, shorts and tennis shoes are to be worn at all times.

City issued employee I.D. should be worn and clearly visible at all times except during swim time.

Camp participants and parents will be treated with respect at all times.

Camp staff will take it upon themselves to resolve complaints.  Do not refer a customer to another staff person.  If you are unable to resolve the complaint on the spot, take the customer’s name and phone number, investigate complaint resolution and then follow up with the customer.

Camp staff will keep parents informed of camp activities.  A weekly schedule will be distributed on the Monday of each week and extra copies will be kept with the sign in log daily.

Camp staff will note details of behavior of campers (accomplishments, discipline problems, general activities, etc.) and update parents on a daily basis if there is a problem.

Camp staff will monitor the sign in/out log at all times.

Camp staff will clean rooms after each activity.  Floors will be swept/vacuumed, tables and chairs stacked, supplies put away.  This is extremely important due to the fact that rooms are used throughout the day by other groups.

Camp staff will spend 100% of their time actively involved with campers and/or parents.



Emergency phone numbers are kept with the Day Camp Director on field trips. Those numbers include fire, police, and ambulance services.
A day camp manual is given to every Day Camp Director and Counselor. An additional manual will be located at each site where all staff can have access to the manual, which outlines the following:
  • Discipline Issues
  • City Rules and Regulations
  • Forms that must be filled out
  • Service Standards
  • Game/activity leadership
  • Ways to interact with children

Sign-in and Sign-out sheets will be used every day. Only adults listed on the sign-in/out release will be allowed to pick up children. An authorized person must enter the building, present appropriate identification and sign the sheet in order for staff to release the child.

Emergency evacuation and relocation plans will be posted at each facility.

Parents will be notified regarding planned field trips and provided the required release forms.

Enrollment information will be kept and maintained on each child and shall include:

  • Child’s name, birth date, home address and phone numbers where parents may be reached during the day.
  •  Names and telephone numbers of persons to whom the child can be released.
  •  Field Trip release form as needed.
  •  Liability waiver

Parental consent to administer medication, medical information and release on participant

Staff shall immediately notify the parent or other person authorized by the parent when the child is injured or has been involved in any situation that placed the child at risk.    

Staff shall immediately notify parents of children in the facility when there is an outbreak of a communicable disease in the facility that is required to be reported to the County Department of Health. Staff must notify parents of children in a group when there is an outbreak of lice or other infestation in the group.


Positive guidance and discipline of children will be implemented in a consistent manner based on the Richardson Parks and Recreation Behavior Modification and Re-Enforcement Policy:

  • All disciplinary actions will begin with verbal warning and then followed up with a parent. 
  • First Offense – camper is redirected and reminded of behavior guidelines and camp rules, given time out away from scheduled activities, and given opportunity to correct behavior.
  • Second Offense – a parent will be called for child to be picked up to go home for the day
  • Third Offense – camper will be withdrawn from camp program for the remainder of the session, or the summer.

Under no circumstances will there be cruel or harsh punishment or treatment.

Incident reports will be completed for any disciplinary cases, and information is to be shared with parents when picking up the child or sooner, when extreme cases occur. Continued disciplinary problems will result in the participant being asked to leave the program.

A deliberate action of harm to any camper or counselor, vandalism, possession of a concealed weapon or controlled substance, emotional outbursts or tantrums, uncooperative attitude or any severe discipline problem disruptive to the program will result in immediate measure to remove the child from camp.



COR Day Camp programs takes a strong stance against bullying as it is indefensible and will not be tolerate in any form. We expect all campers to respect one another in creating a fun and positive environment. When bullying is suspected or reported, our camp directors respond swiftly to address the incidents, contacting the parents of the campers involved. Depending on the extent of the bullying incident, the campers may be expelled from our camp program for the remainder of the summer and no refund will be issued for the remaining week of camp. If allowed to remain in camp, refer to Discipline Policy for details.

Parents we are in this together and we are here to resolve the situation, and not judge or belittle the campers accused of bullying. Together we can help prevent and eliminate incidences of bullying so that camp is a fun experience.


Illness & Injury

Parents shall be notified in cases of illness or injury.

An ill child will not be allowed to participate if the child is suspected of having a temperature and accompanied by behavior changes, or other symptoms until medical evaluation indicates that child can be included in the activities. In the event an injury cannot be administered through basic first aid, staff will 911.

When an injury occurs, an incident report shall be completed. The form shall be filled out completely with the original sent to Heights Recreation Center Manager office and a copy kept in the day camp files.



As a part of the Day Camp Manual, staff will be given the following information:

Children must stay off of tables, counter tops, ping pong tables, etc.

Children should walk in the building.  Running is permitted only in designated areas.

Bouncing and throwing balls is permitted only in the gym.

Active games using equipment that can cause damage to window, shades, lights, and ceilings must be played only in the gym.

Children must show respect for staff and each other.

Children must wear shoes at all times.

Children must be contained and not allowed to filter in with the general public.  You must know where each and every child is AT ALL TIMES.



Texas law requires all child care professionals to report any suspected forms of abuse or neglect. Our summer camp programs will document and report any suspicion of abuse after our own investigation, and will do so only in good faith. The potential of removal of a camper is situational. Please refer to our Discipline Policy.



Activities for each group will be planned according to the participant age, interest and ability.  The activities should be flexible and promote social and educational advancement.

A weekly calendar of activities will be posted for parents the Monday of that week of camp.

When taking field trips, staff will:

  • Count everyone before they leave the program site as well as prior to leaving the field trip site.
  • Carry medical information on each child and necessary medications with them on the trip.
  • Carry a first aid kit.
  • Carry a cell phone for emergency use.
  • Encourage participants to wear camp shirts so that children are easily identified.



Standards of care established by the City of Richardson will be monitored and enforced by City of Richardson Departments responsible for their respective areas as identified:

     1.      Health and safety standards will be monitored and enforced by the City’s Police, Fire, Health and Code Enforcement Departments.

Staff and program issues will be monitored and enforced by the Richardson Parks and Recreation Department.  The Heights Recreation Camp Coordinator shall visit each site on a daily basis.  Camp Directors are responsible for visually checking the camp activities on a daily basis. When this staff is not available, another full-time staff person is responsible for the daily check.