Obtain a Library Card

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Residents: Use of the public library shall be free to all residents of the city.

Nonresidents: A nonresident may use the public library with a borrower card. A nonresident is entitled to a borrower card without charge, provided the city of the residence of such person does not charge Richardson residents a fee for a borrower card to use such city library. Residents of a city that charges a fee to Richardson residents to use such city library will be charged a fee for a Richardson borrower card equal to the fee charged to Richardson residents. The library may adopt policies from time to time governing or limiting nonresident use of the library materials, books, services, and equipment. Pursuant to library policy the library may issue borrower cards without charge to children who do not reside within the city but reside within the Richardson Independent School District.
(Code 1966, § 18-4; Ord. No. 3760, § 1, 9-14-09; Ord. No. 4202, § 7, 2-27-17)

Currently, Plano and Garland do not charge nonresident fees to Richardson residents so Richardson Library cards will be issued at no charge.  Nonresident Library cards (paid and unpaid) are only issued for residents in the immediate surrounding area.  Call 972-744-4350 to see if you are eligible for a nonresident card or ask your question using our online form.

The following describes what is required to get a free Richardson Public Library Card: 

  • Visit the Circulation Desk on the 1st Floor and ask for a registration form. Fill out the form and present it with
  • a current picture ID (Texas driver's license, passport, or government issued ID)
  • a document showing your current home address. If your valid Texas driver’s license shows where you live now, that is all you will need. If your current residence is not on your driver’s license, a recent utility bill, lease agreement, voter registration, or auto insurance card will be sufficient.

NOTE:  Richardson Public Library Cards are NOT "forever" cards; they must be renewed every three years, in person, with a valid photo ID and proof of current home address.      

  • If you have not yet reached your 16th birthday, a parent or legal guardian must accompany you, and the parent needs to have documentation of his/her current address. 

If you are unable to obtain a library card, the TexShare Card program may help you use Richardson Public Library.

  • TexShare Cards may be issued by your local library, free, and are honored by Richardson Public Library to allow you borrowing privileges. Please see your local library for a TexShare Card if you live outside the Richardson Public Library service area; learn more here
  • If you have further questions about signing up for a Library Card, please ask at the Circulation Desk (1st Floor)--or call 972-744-4363.