If you liked The Circle, try these great books, too! 


  • A Dangerous Master: How to Keep Technology From Slipping Beyond Our Control by Wendell Wallach (303.483 WAL)
  • Digital is Destroying Everything by Andrew Edwards (303.483 EDW)
  • The Filter Bubble: What the Internet is Hiding From You by Eli Pariser (004.678 PAR)
  • Terms of Service by Jacob Silverman (303.4833 SIL)
  • Who Owns the Future by Jaron Lanier (303.4833 LAN)
  • World Without Mind by Franklin Foer (303.483 FOE)
  • You Are Not a Gadget: A Manifesto by Jaron Lanier (303.4833 LAN)


  • A Window Opens by Elizabeth Egan (Fic EGAN, E)
  • The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood (Fic ATWOOD, M)
  • Notes from the Internet Apocalypse by Wayne Gladstone (Fic GLADSTONE, W)
  • Ready Player One by Ernest Cline (SF CLINE, E)
  • The Store by James Patterson (Fic PATTERSON, J)
  • The Terranauts by T.C. Boyle (Fic BOYLE, T)
  • They’re Watching by Gregg Hurwitz (Fic HURWITZ, G)


Young Adult Fiction

  • Antisocial by Jillian Blake (YA BLAKE)
  • How to Disappear by Sharon Roat (YA ROAT)
  • Need by Joelle Charbonneau (YA CHARBONNEAU)
  • Take Down by Corrie Wang (YA WANG)


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