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Contact Information:
1260 Columbia Dr
Main Number: 972-744-4111
Answered 24/7

General Information: 

The Street Division is responsible for the repair and maintenance of the street, alley and storm sewer systems in the city of Richardson.  In addition to maintenance services, the division is responsible for the minor construction in cases involving alley, curb and street failures.

The division also maintains the structural integrity of screening walls and removes debris and obstructions from the upstream sides of all bridges and culverts to eliminate any restrictions to storm-water flow. 

The division also removes trees from streets and alleys and sands the streets due to inclement weather.

Streets - Eastside is responsible the East side of 75 in Richardson.
Supervisor: David Hamm

Streets - Westside is responsible for the West side of 75 in Richardson.
Supervisor: Rick Rodgers

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