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Contact Information:
1260 Columbia Dr
Main Number: 972-744-4111
Answered 24/7

General Information of Public Services:

When to Call:

  • Special Pickup: furniture/appliance or brush and branches
  • To rent a dumpster for temporary use
  • Reporting a sewer problem
  • Reporting a water leak or low water pressure
  • Debris in the street

Call 972-744-4111 and Select from the Following:

  • Prompt 1 Furniture, Appliance, Bulky Trash
  • Prompt 2 Brush, Limbs, Tree Trimmings
  • Prompt 3 Both of Items in 1 & 2
  • Prompt 4 Missed Recycling
  • Prompt 5 Commercial Solid Waste
  • Prompt 6 Hazardous Waste, Concrete, Bricks, etc.
  • Prompt 7 To speak to an Attendant


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