Residential Rent-A-Bin

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Contact Information:
1260 Columbia Dr
Main Number: 972-744-4111
Answered 24/7


General Information about Renting a Dumpster for a Residence in Richardson:

Requirements for Residents:
  • Make a reservations by calling
    972-744-4111 or 972-744-4407
  • You must retrieve, print out and sign
    the waiver of liability 
  • Fax the waiver of liability back to Attn:
    Solid Waste/Commercial, 972-744-5814 or email it to  
  • Person signing the waiver is responsible
    for any breakage or damage to container
Charges (Rental and Dump):
  • 8 yard container: Rental = May not be
    kept longer than 2 weeks
    Dump = $60 plus tax per dump
  • 20* yard container: Rental  $128 per month
    Dump = $242 per dump
  • 30* yard container: Rental  $152 per month
    Dump = $263 per dump
*A one-time set fee of $60 will apply to setting a 20 yard or 30 yard dumpster.
  1. For residents, the container cannot be set on the street or in the alley. It will only be delivered to be placed on the driveway.
  2. You CANNOT place the following items in the container:
    • hazardous material (toxic, corrosive, reactive, ignitable, radioactive, paint, or oil)
    • liquid
    • shingles
    • dirt
    • rocks
    • concrete
    • bricks
    • ceramic tiles
  3. In an 8 yd container, the material in the container cannot be overloaded past the sign that is on the container. The material in the container cannot exceed the length, height or width of the container.

    In an open-top container, the material loaded cannot exceed the length, height, or width of the container.

    Note: The Solid Waste Division reserves the right to ask the resident/ contractor / commercial account to take debris out of the container, if in the City/Division's opinion the container is overloaded.
  4. Any loose material such as rubble, rubbish, leaves, paper, or grass clippings should be contained in a bag or box.