Frequently Asked Questions

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Water Division
Do you have a question regarding your account or bill?

All account/billing questions are handled by Customer Service at 972-744-4120.

Does your water pressure seem low?

Is the low pressure noticed throughout the house or isolated to certain faucets? If low pressure is isolated, this typically indicates an issue within the house and will be the responsibility of the resident/homeowner. If the water pressure is low throughout the house, please report low pressure online or call the Response Center at 972-744-4111 to have a Utilities crew member check the pressure supplied at the meter.

I do not have running water. What should I do?

 Have you checked your door for a notice of a possible outage? If there is no notice then identify whether the problem is isolated to a certain area of the house or throughout. If the problem is isolated the resident/homeowner is responsible. If the problem is throughout the house you can call the Response Center at 972-744-4111.

If you live in a multi-family unit and find yourself without running water, check with your property maintenance crew or manager prior to calling the City. They may have turned off the water.

Do you think a water main has broken?

Signs of a main break may include water seeping from the cracks in the street or coming up from the curb line. If you believe there may be a broken water main, please report a possible main break online or call the Response Center at 972-744-4111.

Do you think you may have a leak at your meter?

Signs of a meter leaking will be water standing in the meter box, water coming out of the meter box or saturated ground around the meter box. If your meter appears to be leaking, please report a possible leaking meter online or call the Response Center at 972-744-4111.

Is the City responsible for maintaining the sewer lines?

The City is responsible for maintaining the main sewer line. If you have a City installed two-way cleanout the City maintains from the City installed cleanout to the sewer main.

How do you get a Two-Way Cleanout serviced?

If the resident has had the City install a two-way cleanout, the City crew will attempt to remove any stoppage in the line from the City installed cleanout toward the sewer main. However, if the stoppage is anywhere from the City installed cleanout to the resident’s house, it is the responsibility of the homeowner or property owner to contact a plumber or contractor to unstop the line. There is no obligation on the City’s part to remove any stoppage from this area.

Request service of two-way cleanout online or call the Response Center at 972-744-4111.

For more information regarding an installation of a two-way cleanout, call Customer Service at 972-744-4120

Are you digging on your property?

The City will locate water/sewer mains in the area. To request water/sewer locates call the Response Center at 972-744-4111.

For any other lines you will need to call Texas 811