Water Conservation Questions & Answers

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Below are some frequently asked questions about the Water Conservation Plan.

  1. Besides twice per week watering using sprinklers and irrigation systems, are there other ways we can water our landscapes and lawns?
    Yes, landscapes and lawns may be additionally watered using a hand-held hose with a shutoff nozzle, drip irrigation or soaker hose. These methods of watering may be done any day and at any time.
  2. Are sprinklers and irrigation systems limited on when they can water landscapes and lawns?
    Yes, sprinklers and irrigation systems are prohibited to operate between the hours of 10am – 6pm. This is only during the warmer months of the year (April – October).
  3. I need to drain and refill my pool. Are there limitations during water conservation?
    No, pools may be drained and refilled as needed. Please follow proper draining procedures.
  4. May I hose down or powerwash sidewalks, fences, houses or buildings in water conservation?
    Yes, powerwashing and hosing down impervious surfaces are allowed in water conservation.
  1. Are there limitations to washing my car in water conservation?
    Non-commercial washing of cars and other motor vehicles must be done using a spray nozzle with an automatic shut off feature.
  2. I have an ornamental fountain, are there limitations in usage during water conservation?
    No, ornamental fountains may operate without any restrictions.
  3. I have an ET/Smart Irrigation System. May I operate my system as needed?
    Yes, but you will need a variance due to the instance that these types of irrigation systems may water on days that are not listed as designated days. They also have to follow all other provisions under the Water Conservation Plan.
  4. Are there any other provisions under the Water Conservation Plan that I need to know?
    Yes, please remember that even under water conservation measures, watering during periods of precipitation is prohibited. Also, watering that creates excessive runoff from your property, and the use of poorly maintained sprinkler systems are prohibited.