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The Director of Public Services or designee may grant a temporary variance to the City’s Water Conservation Plan if it is determined that failure to grant such variance would cause an emergency condition adversely affective public health, welfare or safety, and if one or more of the following conditions are met:

  • Compliance with the plan would present a harmful hardship to a resident, business or industry or other conditions for which the plan is in effect.
  • Alternative methods can be implemented which will achieve the same level of reduction in water use.
All variances shall include the following:
  • Name and address of petitioners
  • Purpose of water use
  • Specific provisions from which relief is requested
  • Period of time for which the variance is sought
  • Other pertinent information

Variance information: The City of Richardson
To meet public health and safety needs and to help maintain overall water pressure in the City’s system, the City of Richardson has certain facilities that must be watered outside the public mandated water conservation days and times. Such facilities include athletic and recreation facilities used by the public for a variety of purposes. Newly planted landscape will also be maintained, but will follow the same water usage under the Water Conservation Plan.

Though some City facilities will be watered outside the days and times of the Water Conservation Plan, the City will maintain watering schedule that will meet or exceed conservation efforts. Other large public and private water users may also have variances for water usage, and will be monitored according to the guidelines in the variances for which they apply. Variances are also available by request for residents, businesses and other entities by contacting the City’s Public Services Department at 972-744-4220 or using our online request form.