Typical Bike Lane Cross-Sections

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Buffered Bike Lane
Buffered Bike Lanes

Roadway segments that have either the side yard of a house or no house fronting the street have a standard design of a 10 ft travel lane next to the median and a 7 ft bike lane next to the curb, separated by a buffer. The buffer consists of two solid white lines with chevron markings between them. Parking is not allowed in these sections. Nearby residents and their guests should park in their garage, driveway, or on the roadway in front of their houses. Signs along these bike lanes will be the standard bike lane signs.

Non-Buffered Bike Lane
Non-Buffered Bike Lanes

Roadway segments with houses fronting the street (meaning the front door faces the street) have on-street parking. The Pavement markings consist of two solid white lines with the bicyclist symbol in between them. The travel lane is a 10ft section next to the median, the bike lane is between the two solid lines, and the 7ft section next to the curb is for on-street parking.