Master Transportation Plan

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The Master Transportation Plan (MTP) is the guiding document for all major transportation-related improvements within Richardson. It is a key element of the City’s Comprehensive Plan, a long-range vision for the city intended to direct development and redevelopment for the next 20 to 30 years. The MTP is the local version of Mobility 2040: The Metropolitan Transportation Plan for North Central Texas, created by the North Central Texas Council of Governments (DFW’s Metropolitan Planning Organization). While some of the major features in the MTP are derived from a regional need standpoint, most of the Plan describes facilities that are important and necessary for Richardson and the immediate surrounding area.

The goal of the MTP is to provide an efficient transportation system for the future population and employment of Richardson and therefore must be closely coordinated with the Land Use element of the City’s Comprehensive Plan. Improvements to the transportation infrastructure are programmed in conjunction with the development and redevelopment of land within the community and capital improvement plans.

The purpose of the MTP is to:

  • Indicate the locations and alignments of Richardson’s existing and future transportation facilities (click here to see the Bicycle-Pedestrian Trailways map)
  • Classify the roadways based on their function and connectivity (click here to see the Thoroughfare System map)
  • List the existing and proposed cross-section of each roadway
  • Facilitate the acquisition of necessary rights-of-way as development on adjacent property occurs

The Plan is monitored, evaluated, and updated as necessary to respond to changing conditions; however, the foundation of the MTP will continue to be the arterial grid street system, just as it was under the original 1961 Master Street Plan .