Street Light Policy

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The City of Richardson installs streetlights for traffic safety mainly at intersections or curves, not for security or continuous lighting for pedestrian traffic.

Street lights on Arterial and Collector streets are installed at intersections and at approximately 200 foot spacing between intersections

Streetlights in residential areas are generally located at street intersections and mid-block if the distance between street intersections exceeds 900 feet.

For example, if the distance is 950 from one street to another, a light could be located approximately halfway between the intersections. If however the distance is 850 from one street the other, no mid-block street light would be warranted.

Additional street lights may be installed where an engineering study and/or where physical conditions warrant a street light for the safety of motorists and pedestrians.

In most of the City, streetlights are actually owned, installed and maintained by Oncor Electric Delivery. The City determines the locations for installation, and pays for installation and electricity usage; however, Oncor is solely responsible for maintenance of the lights.

There are a number of city streets that have city owned and maintained street lights: Brand Road, Murphy Road, North Star Road, Renner Road (from Spring Hill lane to Murphy Road), Performance Drive, and all the street lights on the main lanes of US 75 (Central Expressway).