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 Senior Citizen Trash Rate Discount

Richardson residents age 65 or older are eligible for a discount on their residential trash collection fee. In order to qualify, residents must submit a completed application along with proof of age, such as a driver's license, to or bring the application and proof of age to the Water Customer Service Office located at 411 W. Arapaho Rd., Room 101. The person signing up for the exemption must be the one whose name is listed on the City water account, except that in the case of married couples, either spouse may fill out the form. Residents may apply for the discount the day they turn 65 and it will take effect on the next bill. With the discount, the charge for residential trash collection, including sales tax and the state mandated landfill fee, is $15.56. The same charge without the discount is $21.00.

  Community Gardens Discount
The City of Richardson Community Garden Partnership Program provides a 95% subsidy to help support gardening initiatives throughout the City. Click here to apply or to learn more about the program.
 Homeowners Association Discount

A 40% discount is offered to Homeowners Associations on water used for irrigating common areas. In order to take advantage of this savings, Homeowners Associations should submit a letter from the Association to the Water Customer Service Office located at 411 W. Arapaho Rd., Room 101. The letter should identify the meter numbers for which the discount is requested. The discount will only apply to water used for irrigation purposes which is metered separately from other uses. For example, water used to maintain a pool cannot receive the discount.

For more information about any of these discounts, please contact us at, or call 972-744-4120