2017 - 2019 Statement of Goals

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Role of Council
The role of the Council is to be positive and resourceful advocates of the City. We focus on the future of the City, set policies and develop strategies that will enable us to achieve our vision. We will communicate with, seek input from and be the voice for all stakeholders. The Council will provide the direction, resources and guidance that will enable the City Manager to implement the day-to-day, tactical aspects of our Vision, Goals and Strategies.

Rules of Engagement
The Council will work to achieve a result that is in the best interest of our stakeholders. We will strive to keep our discussions relevant and productive and will be supportive of all Council decisions. While executing our duties, the Council will interact with staff, residents and other stakeholders:

  • Respectfully: We are willing to hear and evaluate differing ideas and opinions
  • Professionally: We are punctual, focused, present and prepared
  • Efficiently: We value City resources and the time of others

The City of Richardson is a clean, safe, vibrant and inclusive community in which residents, businesses and other stakeholders enjoy a high quality of life and are proud to call "home."

All of our stakeholders enjoy superior, responsive city services. Our accessibility, and the quality and variety of our amenities, recreation opportunities, green spaces, housing, education opportunities, retail choices and transportation options are locally and nationally recognized.

We have a thriving, diverse business community whose success is supported by a superior infrastructure, access to a talented, well-educated and engaged workforce, a business-friendly environment and easy access to the North Texas region.


  • For Richardson to be a place where people are proud to live, work, invest and engage in the community.
  • To have clear, easy-to-understand processes and policies that make it easy to interact with the City.
  • To have stakeholders choose Richardson as the best place in the region to locate, contribute and participate.
  • To effectively and efficiently manage City resources while maintaining and enhancing City services.


  1. Enhance the quality of life of our stakeholders
  2. Protect and strengthen stakeholder investments in the City
  3. Increase the sense of community and citizen engagement
  4. Improve customer experience in interactions with the City
  5. Increase private participation and contributions
  6. Integrate innovative business processes
  7. Effective and efficient management of City finances
  8. Attract, develop, and retain quality City employees
  9. Attract and retain targeted businesses; increase the number, quality and variety of job opportunities throughout the City
  10. Leverage our regional leadership position to positively impact county, state and federal issues

1. Enhance the quality of life for our stakeholders

  • Continue to implement Spring Creek Nature Area Master Plan by enhancing connectivity with existing trails along Renner Rd
  • Work with community partners on efforts related to community cohesiveness; compassion, health, accessibility, and volunteerism
  • Sustain efforts to implement the Cultural Arts Master Plan by celebrating public art installations in the community
  • Continue to implement the Parks and Recreation Open Space Master Plan
  • Carry on dialogue with educational institutions on partnership opportunities

2. Protect and strengthen stakeholder investments in the City

  • Begin implementation of Galatyn Campus Maintenance Strategy
  • Conduct Arapaho Station / E. Arapaho Area Study
  • Conduct Buckingham Zoning Review / Update
  • Complete SUP inventory / Termination Protocols
  • Conduct a comprehensive evaluation of effectiveness of traffic signalization
  • Sustain efforts to be responsive to contemporary housing trends
  • Continued attention to Main Street area reinvestment initiatives

3. Increase the sense of community and citizen engagement

  • Evaluate current communications strategies and their effectiveness
  • Develop a citizen academy
  • Create short video series to help with citizen education about the city
  • Enhance communication about environmental partnership initiatives

4. Improve customer experience in interactions with the City

  • Develop and implement Richardson-specific customer service training for frontline staff
  • Evaluate use of customer service evaluation and feedback methods
  • Update the City’s Strategic Plan for Library Services
  • Evaluate short term visitor parking a key City facilities

5. Effective and efficient management of city finances

  • Sustain efforts to implement the 2015 bond program in a manner that is financially responsible, maximizes opportunities and is clearly communicated  with citizens and key stakeholders
  • Review the senior property tax exemption in conjunction with the financial policy 
  • Conduct review or Drainage Fund fees, projects, etc.
  • Review outstanding debt for future refunding opportunities
  • Monitor and adjust fees and revenue

6. Increase private participation and contributions

  • Continue to identify opportunities for private participation and contributions
  • Work to implement a citywide strategy to cultivate philanthropy and sponsorship of city services and events
  • Create a centralized resource for philanthropic giving on the City’s website and through other publications
  • Create a promotional campaign encouraging philanthropic giving through the City’s communication channels and outreach

7. Integrate innovative business processes

  • Conduct an energy management review for return on investment and possible transition plan
  • Replace Lotus Notes office systems with Microsoft Office 365
  • Implement field based reporting in the Police Department
  • Continue to expand CityWorks to other departments
  • Evaluate replacement strategy for legacy software systems
  • Continue to implement the water meter replacement program/automated meter reading technology

8. Attract, develop, and retain quality City employees

  • Continue to review compensation and benefits philosophy and practices with the benchmark cities/private sector and develop recommendations for consideration in the development of the annual budget to help ensure financial sustainability and market competitiveness
  • Enrich employee leadership academy to  provide skills development opportunities for current and future leaders and to further leadership abilities throughout the city
  • Enhance a training program focused on supporting supervisors

9. Attract and retain targeted businesses; Increase the number, quality, and variety of job opportunities throughout the City

  • Enhance entrepreneurial programming by establishing a PeerSpectives Program 
  • Establish owner/developer coaching program to focus on tenanting vacant office space
  • Support efforts of retail centers to optimize tenants
  • Support the implementation of completed reinvestment strategies designed to address economically underperforming areas of the city

10. Leverage our regional leadership position to positively impact County, State and Federal issues

  • Continue to support the regional forums by serving on boards and committees
  • Enhance legislative tracking and advocacy on key issues, such as local control
  • Actively support, promote, and partner with Collin County and Dallas County to advance coordinated development and redevelopment of infrastructure and transportation network for the benefit of the North Texas region