2019 - 2021 Statement of Goals

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2019-2021 Statement of Goals

Role of Council

The role of the Council is to be responsible and resourceful advocates of the City. We communicate with, seek input from, and provide a voice for all stakeholders. We set policies and develop strategies that will enable us to achieve our vision. The Council provides the direction, resources, and guidance that enables the City Manager to implement the operational and tactical aspects of our Vision, Goals and Strategies.



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Rules of Engagement
The Council will work to achieve a result that is in the best interest of our stakeholders. We will strive to keep our discussions relevant and productive and will be supportive of all Council decisions. While executing our duties, the Council will interact with staff, residents and other stakeholders:

  • Respectfully: We are willing to listen to and evaluate differing ideas and opinions in a non-partisan manner

  • Professionally: We are punctual, focused, present and prepared

  • Efficiently: We value City resources and the time of others


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The City of Richardson is a clean, safe, vibrant and inclusive community in which residents, businesses and other stakeholders enjoy a high quality of life and are proud to call home.

Our accessibility, and the quality and variety of our city services, amenities, recreation opportunities, green spaces, housing, education opportunities, retail choices, and transportation options are globally recognized.


We have a thriving, diverse business community whose success is supported by a superior infrastructure, access to a talented, well-educated, and engaged workforce, a business-friendly environment, and easy access to the North Texas region.



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  • For Richardson to be a place where people are proud to live,
    work, invest and engage in the community.
  • To have clear, easy-to-understand processes and policies that make it easy to interact with the City.
  • To have stakeholders choose Richardson as the best place in
    the region to locate, contribute and participate.
  • To effectively and efficiently manage City resources while maintaining and enhancing City services.





  1. Enhance the quality of life of our stakeholders
  2. Protect and strengthen stakeholder investments in the City
  3. Increase the sense of community and citizen engagement
  4. Enhance the customer experience in interactions with the City
  5. Manage city finances effectively and efficiently
  6. Pursue public/private partnerships and contributions
  7. Integrate innovative business processes
  8. Attract, develop, and retain quality City employees
  9. Attract and retain targeted businesses; Increase the number, quality, and variety of job opportunities throughout the City
  10. Leverage our regional leadership position to positively impact County, State and Federal issues
  11. Leverage media to effectively tell the Richardson story



Richardson City Council

Paul Voelker
Paul Voelker
Janet Depuy
Mayor Pro Tem
Janet DePuy
Place 3
Bob Dubey
Bob Dubey
Place 1
Mark Solomon
Mark Solomon
Place 2
Kyle Kepner
Kyle Kepner
Place 4
Ken Hutchenrider
Ken Hutchenrider
Place 5
Steve Mitchell
Steve Mitchell
Place 6