Utility Costs

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In compliance with HB 3693, Texas Legislative session 80(R), the table below shows the amount of electricity, water, and natural gas used by the City, as well as the corresponding amount paid.


Fiscal Year 2017 2018 2019 
Electricity $3,507,946 $3,486,708 $2,861,563
Natural Gas $83,984 $108,462 $78,460
Water* $27,878,857 $30,633,685 $32,176,388
Total $31,470,787 $34,228,855 $35,116,411


Fiscal Year                             2017            2018 2019
Electricity 32,038,414 kWh   29,084,675 kWh 28,750,404 kWh
Natural Gas 104,996 CCF 132,642 CCF 141,349 CCF
Water 8,095,368,000 Gal. 8,735,676,000 Gal. 7,791,509,000 Gal.


* Under the North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD) contract, cities pay for water based on their greatest single year of usage. Richardson's “Take or Pay” volume of 11,019,311,000 gallons was delivered to the City in fiscal year 2001.  Since then, the city has been required to purchase that amount every year, even though the community has not reached that consumption level again.