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Alarm Permit

In 2001, the Richardson Police Department responded to 8,184 alarms. 99.19% of those alarms were false. These incidents accounted for 17.5% of all calls for the police service in 2001. The city has taken steps to educate alarm system users about equipment failures, installation or service errors and more.

Health Permit
Mobile food vendors and liquid waste haulers must have their vehicle inspected when applying for a permit. Please contact the Health Department to schedule an appointment to have your vehicle inspected. Forms of payment accepted by the Health Department are cash or check, we are unable to process credit/debit card payments at this time.

Garage Sale Permit
Ordinance 3857 requires all people who hold a garage sale to obtain a permit by midnight the day of the sale. No fee will be required for the permit. The ordinance also limits garage sales to a maximum of three in any 12-month period at the same address, and no resident may conduct more than three garage sales in any 12-month period. The garage sales shall not exceed seventy-two hours in duration, and at least four business days shall elapse between consecutive sales.


Job With the City

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Pet Registration
A pet license is an I.D. Tag imprinted with the shelter phone number and a unique ID number specific to your pet. Valuable information that will assist the shelter staff in returning your pet to you, should it be injured or stray.

Solicitation Permit

Are you planning to solicit in the City of Richardson? You might need a permit to be in compliance with the law. Below are some examples of the types of solicitation permits issued by the Richardson Police Department:

  • Door to Door Solicitations
  • Handbills
  • Non-Residential Solicitation
  • Charitable Solicitation in a Roadway