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Central Trail Enhancements

Central Trail connects to Spring Creek Trail to the north and runs south all the way to the city limits, roughly parallel to US 75. The Central Trail forms the central spine of the city's trail system, which covers more than forty miles of trails and walkways and serves to connect parks, recreation centers and other areas of the city

Richardson Reinvestment

As a mature suburb with limited undeveloped land, Richardson's development efforts have begun to focus on redevelopment and reinvestment opportunities and individual efforts to revitalize private property.

In January 2009, the City Council adopted a new Comprehensive Plan, which identified “Enhancement/Redevelopment” zones that are struggling with some of the challenges of maturing suburban cities. City officials felt the that true potential of these areas could not be determined without specific, detailed studies. Over the past decade, Richardson has completed revitalization studies for three key reinvestment areas, which include:

  • West Spring Valley Corridor
  • The Core District (Downtown Richardson and US 75 Corridor)
  • The Richardson IQ