Micro Macro Mojo

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An iconic art piece by Ed Carpenter named "Micro Macro Mojo" has been installed at Greenville and Alma celebrating the history of the technology in Richardson. The site was specifically selected for a unique public art opportunity since it is highly visible, located at the center of the community and Telecom Corridor® area and is in close proximity to the Central Trail for pedestrians to enjoy. This public art installation corresponds to the goals set for the City’s Public Art Master Plan adopted in 2015. 

Artist Inspiration/Description 
Ed Carpenter’s sculpture suggest ambiguity of scale and purpose and magical power. The 70’ high structure is like a torch, or lantern, or an enormous map pin marking the point of entry into Richardson.  Its upward reaching gesture is optimistic and expansive, and its stainless steel and laminated glass are refined and contemporary.  Tapering from 24’ across at the top to just 8” wide at the base, the dramatic artwork appears balanced like a ballet dancer on one toe.  However, nine steel cables, engineered for the strongest winds, keep the sculpture perfectly vertical.

Micro Macro Mojo

The sculpture contains an outer lattice layer of crossing diagonal cables spanning from the top to a point 11’ above ground.  This network supports myriad laminated dichroic glass elements forming a rich texture of light-interactive surfaces.  These elements may suggest abstract ones and zeros, the basic building blocks of all things digital, and fitting for a city with such a distinctly high-tech identity.  They are made from laminated dichroic safety glass, secured with an engineered attachment system.  Dichroic glass is a mercurially attractive material that responds to slight changes of light or angle of viewing, producing intriguing blushes of color---especially true in this case because of the curvature of the sculpture.  Visitors who approach the structure and view it from different angles will be rewarded with a great variety of different looks in the glass.

The large scale of the sculpture is essential in such a visually complex environment.  At 70’ high, it reaches well into the view of passing automobile and train travelers, providing maximum impact as a gateway and icon. At the same time, it provides a centerpiece for an attractive new pocket park.

Artist History
Ed Carpenter has more than 40 years of experience in large-scale public art installations in the United States and abroad. Carpenter has several projects in Texas including at the Dallas Convention Center and Houston Bush International Airport.

Selection Process
Carpenter’s artistic concept was selected by a five-member artist selection committee made up of Richardson residents and arts professionals after reviewing 22 proposals from artists submitted in 2016. The City Council accepted the recommendation for this art concept during a May 2016 City Council meeting.

Funding for the art piece was provided through a public-private partnership with a local developer, the City’s TIF (Tax increment Financing) Fund and the Hotel/Motel Tax Fund. No funds from the City’s General Fund were used in the acquisition or development of this art piece.

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