Richardson Woman’s Club

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Richardson Woman's Club
2005 N Cliffe Dr.
Richardson, TX 75082

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Office Hours: M-F 9:30 a.m.-2 p.m.
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This “country estate in the center of the city,” featuring a restored home-turned-clubhouse, the larger “Founder’s Hall” and beautifully manicured grounds, has been the home of the Richardson Woman’s Club (RWC) for more than 50 years. Originally part of the City’s land acquisition that created Sherrill Park Golf Course, the City chose to honor the women of Richardson in 1969 by giving exclusive leasing rights to RWC, which has been in existence since 1955. The nonprofit, philanthropic organization hosts its meetings at the facility as well as several annual open-to-the public fundraising events, and oversees the public leasing of the buildings and grounds for weddings and other special events.

Venue Rental


Richardson Woman's Club facilities provide convenient places to host day or nighttime events with ample parking.The entire Estate rentals include: The Clubhouse, Founders Hall, The Gazebo, The Arbor, and The Wishing Well. » Learn More

Community Outreach

Current community agencies serving citizens of Richardson and the surrounding areas that have been identified by RWC Philanthropy and approved by the Richardson Woman's Club Charitable Foundation Board to receive grants are: ARK House, Emily's Place, Methodist Richardson Medical Center Foundation, Network of Community Ministries, Repertory Company Theatre, and many more.  » Learn More

Philanthropy Projects

RWC offers many philanthropic opportunities throughout the year. These opportunities include the Four Year Novella Bailey Scholarship, Chair's Scholarship, and one-year Scholarships. Find out more about the requirements and the application process. » Learn More

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