Address Change

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Post Office
Help the USPS serve you by changing your address online.
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Internal Revenue Services (IRS)
For tax record purposes, notify the IRS when you have a change of address.
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License or ID Card
Texas Department of Public Safety
Link to change your address on a driver license, ID card or both.
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Moving to Texas?
An individual can legally drive with a valid, unexpired driver license from another state or country for up to 90 days after moving to Texas. Learn the steps to get a Texas license or ID card.
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Voter Registration Address Change

If you move within the county
If you move within the same county simply go to the Secretary of State's web site and change your address online or promptly notify the County Voter Registrar, in writing, of your new address by:

  • correcting your current voter registration certificate on the back and returning it to the County Voter Registrar;
  • filling out a new voter registration application form and checking the "change" box; or
  • making simultaneous changes to your driver's license and voter registration when you apply for or update your driver's license.

If you move to another county
You must re-register! Fill out a new application and mail it, or take it in person, to the Voter Registrar of your new county. You may not register online if you move from one county to another. You will be registered 30 days after your application is submitted. You will receive a new certificate.

After changing residence to another county, a person may be eligible to vote a “limited” ballot in his/her new county of residence on candidates or issues common to the old and new counties. A “limited” ballot may be voted only during early voting by personal appearance or by mail (not on Election Day) if:

  • the person would have been eligible to vote in the county of former residence on Election Day if still residing in that county;
  • the person is registered to vote in the county of former residence at the time the person offers to vote in the county of new residence; and
  • a voter registration for the person in the county of new residence is not effective on or before Election Day.

Motor Vehicle
Texas Department of Motor Vehicles
You have 30 days from the time you move here to register your vehicle in the state. To learn how, read the Apply to be Texan booklet. In no time at all, you will be a Registered Texan!
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Vehicle Registration
Your vehicle registration sticker displays your license plate number, county of registration and partial vehicle identification number.
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