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Residential Recycling
Each household is provided with recycling collection service one day each week collected by the City. Learn More

Blue Recycling Bag Purchase
The City offers its residents the opportunity to inexpensively buy trash and recycling bags that meet City Code requirements. These bags are available at various location.
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Brush and Bulky Item Collection
BABIC service is offered to residents at no additional charge and is designed to help dispose of large amounts of brush or oversized items. Brush or yard waste collected is sent off to be composted. Learn More | Online Request

Compostable Bags
If you are interested in having your small twigs, grass clippings and/or leaves composted, request a Brush or Bulky Item Collection and place items in compostable bags.
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Solar Panels
Solar panels require a city building permit in order to check the loading on the existing roof system, electrical tie-in, type of battery system you will be employing, etc. Additional loading on the original roof framing will require an engineered letter and/or framing diagram. Please provide all manufacturers specifications, a site plan with the proposed local of the solar panels, and all before mentioned information with a completed building permit application. The permit cost is minimum of $50 or 1% the total cost of the job, which ever is higher.

Per 2014 NEC, Article 690.4(B)....Inverters, motor generators, photovoltaic modules, photovoltaic panels, ac photovoltaic modules, source-circuit combiners and charge controllers intended for use in photovoltaic power systems shall be identified and listed for the application. To put into layman's terms, each piece of equipment used in PV system installation, everything from the panel, to the conduit and wire used to the very last ground screw shall be UL (or other approved testing agency) certified and listed for use with the entire PV system. The NEC and UL Standards are intended to be used in conjunction with each other to prevent a hazardous installation. "Only those products bearing the appropriate UL Mark and company's name, trade name, trademark or other authorized identification should be considered as being covered by UL's Certification, Listing, Classification and Follow-Up Service. The UL Mark provides evidence of listing or labeling, which may be required by installation codes or standards." - UL 2014

Solar Panel

Water Conservation Tips
Although we have experienced some much-needed rain recently, we must continue to wisely use and conserve water. Water conservation is a year-round practice and everyone can reduce their water consumption and be water smart by taking simple steps. Learn More

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Water Conservation Kits
The City of Richardson is pleased to offer household conservation kits for our residents in order to aid in water-saving efforts. Learn More

"Tree Cycle" Your Christmas Tree Program
Many Christmas trees are thrown away at the end of every holiday season. The City encourages residents to mulch their unflocked trees instead. Learn How

Texas Pure Partnership
The City of Richardson has a partnership with Texas Pure to provide regional mulch and compost for purchase to residents at a very reasonable price.

Texas Pure Products can be ordered in person or over the phone at: