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Richardson Plants encompasses multiple programs, such as Tree the Town, Beautification Matching Fund, and Operation Bloomtown, whereby an individual or group can participate in the beautification of Richardson's neighborhoods, parks and roadways. Whether your desire is to install a large landscape project in a median, plant a single tree in a park or even work with the City to build a butterfly garden, Richardson Plants has a program designed to meet your needs. Our staff will help you choose the right plant material, the right placing and spacing, and help design the most efficient ways to irrigate, care for and sustain the plant material to ensure a successful planting project.

Tree Planting IconTree Plantings/Tree the Town
Participants in this program can purchase a tree or trees and have them planted on City maintained land. Whether you want to honor someone with a dedication tree, or plant multiple trees to achieve shady areas in your neighborhood park, we can help you achieve your desired result. Tree selections are North Texas Natives and can be selected from the City's approved planting list found on the City's website. Tree locations will be determined by person / group purchasing the trees and a City representative. Tree plantings will require an irrigation bubbler system which may be included in the price of the planting.

You can also add your own tree to the community inventory here.

Collin County Master Gardeners Association (CCMGA)
An educational and volunteer program affiliated with the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service of the Texas A&M University system. CCMGA is made up of citizens of the local community who not only take an active interest in their own lawns, trees, and gardens, but also strive to promote sound horticultural practices in the community. Members receive invaluable training and continuing opportunities for education then share their horticultural expertise through a wide variety of projects benefiting Collin County residents and organizations. For events, training, and more please visit:

Community Gardens
Community Gardens Partnership Program
The City provides a 95% water subsidy to help support gardening initiatives throughout the City. If your organization is interested in partnering your garden with the City, please use the resources below to find out information on eligibility, requirements, and how to apply.

Dallas County Master Gardener Association, Inc.
A non-profit, educational and volunteer service organization affiliated with Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service. The program is designed to increase the availability of horticultural information and extend horticultural projects throughout Dallas County. The successful public and private partnership between Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service and the Dallas County Master Gardeners benefits Dallas County through educational programming, activities, community projects and shared expertise by significantly extending the outreach of Extension. For events, training, and more please visit:

Drought-Tolerant Plant Guide
This publication serves as a reference guide for selecting drought-tolerant plants of all types: decorative flowers, shrubs, groundcover, and both ornamental and canopy trees. Recommendations are based on Texas A&M AgriLife Extension’s Earth-Kind database. View Guide

Matching Fund Beautification
The program is available to residents, businesses or civic groups interested in beautifying public land in their neighborhoods. These groups share the cost of construction 50/50 with the City of Richardson. After completion of the project, the City of Richardson assumes maintenance of the area in perpetuity. Projects are designed by City of Richardson staff and consultants. Applicants’ wishes and requests are incorporated into the design resulting in the final product. Plant material to be incorporated into the design must be selected from the City of Richardson’s approved plants list. This program covers plant material, irrigation and minor flatwork. Annuals are not included in this program. Applications to enroll in this program can be found on the City's website. Learn More


Monarch Butterfly
The City of Richardson has signed the Mayors' Monarch Pledge to help save the monarch butterfly, an iconic species whose populations have declined by 90% in the last 20 years. Through the National Wildlife Federation’s Mayors' Monarch Pledge, cities and municipalities are committing to create habitat and educate citizens about how they can make a difference at home. To learn about the program and the steps to implement the pledge, please visit the National Wildlife Federation's Garden for Wildlife site. To learn more about how you can help implement the pledge in Richardson, please contact Dan Baker at or 972-744-4303.


North Central Texas Smartscape
The purpose of SmartScape™ is to educate residents on the ecological, economic and aesthetic benefits of using landscaping plants, shrubs, grasses and trees that are native or adapted to our regional climate and local conditions.

The ultimate goal is to conserve local water supplies and improve storm water runoff quality by reducing the amount of water needed to maintain landscapes while decreasing the amounts of pesticide, fertilizer and herbicides used in landscaping practices.

Texas Smartscape Website

Wildflowers / Operation Bloomtown
This program allows Richardson residents to select city-maintained land (parks and medians) to be planted with wildflowers. The city will work with the individual/group on location selection. Cost to participate in this program is $100 per 1/10 acre. Applications to enroll in this program can be found on the City's website. Learn More

Water My Yard
Over 50 percent of landscape water is wasted due to overwatering, inefficient watering practices and broken or poorly maintained irrigation systems. Water My Yard will help you determine exactly how much to water, conserving water resources for the future and saving you money right now.
Learn More

Water Wise Landscape Tour
On Oct. 8, 2016, the inaugural water wise landscape tour included a tour of six Richardson homes featuring water-friendly outdoor landscapes. The City teamed up with volunteers and passionate homeowners who were eager to answer questions about ways to maximize water savings by choosing native plants that thrive in the Texas climate. Learn More




For more information, please contact Dan Baker.
972-744-4303  |